Trader Joe’s Okie Dokie Oat Milk Ice Cream Reviews

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A New Zealand inspired non-dairy dessert with caramel swirl and sponge candy bits.
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22 reviews for Trader Joe’s Okie Dokie Oat Milk Ice Cream Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    This ice cream was so sickly sweet I ate two bites and tossed the rest. The texture is nice but the artificial marshmallow flavor is so bad I couldn’t eat it.

  2. Thomas

    Good treat. Good and sweet.

  3. lydia

    Soooo sweet, and not many chunks of sponge candy. The texture is good and creamy though. Up the oomph by sprinkling on some flaked salt.

  4. DF

    Wow. I’ve never met a bowl of ice cream I did not want to finish, until Okie Dokie.

    The candy gets stuck in your teeth. It is overwhelmingly sweet and unenjoyable.

    This is the first new product from TJ’s I’ve ever been grossed out by, and they do some very experimental things!

  5. Rob

    Great texture, terrible synthetic flavor.

  6. Christopher McDonald

    A nice ice cream to have available, as a vegan. It is a little on the too-sweet side, but the crunchies and the caramel swirls are nice.

  7. Sam W.

    I can see where people are coming from about how sweet it is, but personally, I loved it. The texture is amazing – much creamier than Trader Joe’s vegan vanilla ice cream (the one made with almond milk), and probably the best dairy-free ice cream texture I’ve had from any Trader Joe’s frozen desserts.

    The caramel swirl is good, but my favorite part is the spongey candy bits. So satisfying and delicious to crunch into a bite that has those little pieces in it.

    I may or may not have eaten the pint in one sitting…

  8. Diane

    This a wonderful ice cream . If you’ve ever had a crunchie bar this is the ic cream equivilant! If you don’t like sweet things then don’t eat ice cream

  9. Chloe E

    I love the review that said, if you don’t like sweet things than don’t eat ice cream lol. That’s exactly how I feel! This ice cream was excellent in my opinion. So nice to finally have a dessert option at TJ’s that doesn’t contain soy and is vegan. Which is rare. I thought the flavor was delicious and the caramel and candy pieces were a yummy unexpected treat within a treat!

  10. Anonymous

    I grew up eating sponge candy and this was such a nice treat especially being non-dairy! I pray to god it doesn’t get discontinued

  11. Nicole

    Loved it! Finally a ice cream that isn’t made of dairy but actually taste good. It can be sweet but that means I won’t eat as much at one time. I need to gain weight , this might help!

  12. Katie T

    Good texture, not great taste. Taste very artificial caramel, and the oat base taste like stale oat milk? I never leave reviews but this was so disappointing I had to lol.

  13. kermit

    the ice cream taste itself is very artificial and overly sweet, it’s pretty gross honestly. the texture is good though.

  14. Suzy

    Yes it’s too sweet. Yes it tastes oddly like cool whip. But it’s also kinda delicious.

  15. Gene

    The container is nice but that’s it. The flavor is nondescript.

  16. Mary English

    Please keep this forever! Non-Dairy Queen

  17. Bob

    Okie Dokie is great. Since I have issues with milk and would rather not eat a pill to have ice cream Okie Dokie is great. Great flavor, creamy texture and yes there are hard pieces of candy in it, it they taste great.

  18. Anonymous

    Delicious, I understand where other people are coming from that it is very sweet, but the light texture of the ice cream is one of the best of all the non-dairy ice cream brands I’ve tried. I also enjoy the spongey bits of candy.

  19. Mickey

    I had to throw it out. First time I’ve ever trashed a TJ product. The texture of the oat milk ice cream is okay, but the candy bits are terrible. The wrong kind of crunchy, they get stuck in your teeth, and don’t taste good to boot.

  20. Devon

    I loved this non-dairy sweet treat that feels like I’m eating ice cream. I love the taste and can’t wait to buy more.
    And I will as I live so close. I ate the whole container. I’ll have to decide to eat one serving, and not the whole thing.

  21. Helena

    If only the honeycomb bits were more evenly distributed! I agree that this can be overly sweet, if you get a spoonful with too much of the caramel swirl. However, there are plenty of opportunities to have some of the ice cream base with no inclusions at all. IMO, there are too many bites without honeycomb, but the ones that do have candy (and the right amount of caramel)…delicious.
    Also, suffers from being a pint, when it should be a quart.

  22. Dorothy

    Cannot eat dairy, love this dessert. Please bring it back.

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