Trader Joe’s Vegan Cookies & Creme Vanilla Bean Bon Bons Reviews

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Coconut non-dairy frozen dessert “ice cream” enrobed in a chocolatey coating. Cookes ‘n’ cream vibes!

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Vegan Cookies & Creme Vanilla Bean Bon Bons Reviews

  1. WS

    These are good, but my main complaint would be that they aren’t “cookies and cream”-ish enough. I enjoyed them and they were a nice treat (and I’m thrilled to have another dairy-free version of bon bons!). But I don’t think I would buy them again, because I was really hoping for an oreo/Joe Joes cookies and cream taste. If I didn’t know that it was labeled “cookies & creme,” I might not have even really discerned any “cookie” vibes.

    Again though, if you go into it just looking for a nice chocolate/vanilla bon bon, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! It doesn’t taste vegan at all, and it’s a great plant-based dessert option. Also doesn’t have an overly coconut-ish taste (unlike some ice cream products made with coconut milk), which I appreciated. Great texture for the chocolate outer shell, too.

  2. sa

    so good but no longer at my court street tjs!!! :'((((((

  3. Megan R.

    These became my favorite summer time dessert! I have spread the word on how great these taste!

  4. NYC Vegan

    Really delicious and one of the best vegan ice cream products on the market today. I would put these up against Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy, which I consider to be the current standard bearer of vegan ice cream.

    Outstanding!!! Thank you TJ’s!!!

  5. Vegaegion

    A frothy overly sweet mess! Far better vegan options available.

  6. Burt Linnetz

    These are incredibly good. My Complaint, just like the other really good Trader Joes Non-Dairy products that we loved, that are no longer available, I’m sure these will be taken off the shelves quickly. Everyone likes them too much. They HAD really good non dairy desserts for the last year or so, gotta wonder why they play with their customers like that. Seems like they think, this is wonderful product, lets get our customers hooked and then just piss them off. A sign saying available for a limited time would help. The Non-Dairy dessert choices are getting smaller and smaller these days

  7. C

    nah these slap fr

  8. Helena

    I’m not sure why these are in the form of bon-bons. If they were smaller—bite-size—it’d make sense. But they require multiple bites to eat! Gets kinda messy, and if you have sensitive teeth, this is pretty much the worst possible frozen dessert delivery system. Until Ali G perfects his ice cream gloves, these should be on sticks.
    They do be tasty, though.

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