Trader Joe’s Nuts & Fruits & Honey Jar Reviews

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15 reviews for Trader Joe’s Nuts & Fruits & Honey Jar Reviews

  1. pack rat

    eat it with a spoon, excellent on croissant, bagel, English muffin, or biscuit – I want more. -pack rat

  2. jewels

    Love, love , love this product! Delicious in Trader Joe’s unsweetened instant oatmeal. I’m now eating oatmeal everyday. It adds the perfect amount of sweetness and crunch to anything you put it on. It’s healthy, it’s delicious, and it looks so pretty in the jar. I’m very sad that it’s seasonal.

  3. Linda

    I bought this and want to serve it with appetizers on Christmas Day. Since I’ve not tasted it yet I need suggestions on what to serve in on? Crostini? Crackers? Any particular cheese that would be good to pair with it? I will welcome any input please!!

  4. Diane

    Super delicious! I served with blue cheese and rosemary crackers

  5. Dave Bernhardt

    Big Hit when I showed up with this at a Holiday party. severed with fruit, cheese & crackers. everyone loved how it looked and it tasted even better. Awesome ….. need to buy more and keep on hand

  6. susan saperstein

    The Nuts Fruit and Honey is yummy. We could not stop eating it We put it on a bagel and crackers. Little hard to get put of the jar. But worth the effort

  7. Sheley


  8. Angela Watts

    Simply, delicious! I’m hooked!

  9. Kathieredmond

    This is sooooooo goooooood. Can’t stand it

  10. cathy d

    I just made baklava with it! I used it in two layers, and added a few more nuts, a bit more honey to have an entire pan and it turned out really great! Love this product.

  11. Socalred

    This product is 99 percent chopped peanuts, the product looks appetizing until you open jar. It’s solid and hard to dig out of jar. The jar shows fig and almonds and hazelnuts…
    It’s just for show.

  12. Lajoy

    This is “fabulous” stuffed in a jar❣️It’s a solid more than a spread (fair warning) so I micro wave a bit scooped out for 20 seconds. Mix some into fresh fruit and serve it with a goat cheese (melted on) a croissant. What a way to start your day.

  13. Ginny P.

    Great heated up and put on top of vanilla ice cream too!

  14. Mari Walker

    This fruit&nuts&honey is absolutely delicious. I just have been eating it from the jar, I love the thick honey concoction, so delightful.

  15. Genie

    I don’t know about the taste actually. I do know, however, that my boyfriend LOVES it and will do lots of chores for one small jar of this fabulous dessert! It turns him into a little boy with a guilty smile on his face. So, I guess we both love it!!

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