Trader Joe’s High Fiber Fruit & Nut Multigrain Medley Reviews

(23 customer reviews)

23 reviews for Trader Joe’s High Fiber Fruit & Nut Multigrain Medley Reviews

  1. Toby

    May be high in fiber but the dried fruits are hard as a rock. You could break your teeth.

  2. Bon Bon

    Really awful cereal. The dried fruit, mostly raisins, are. Too hard to eat. Nuts? You’ll be lucky to find any. Cereal is dry and tasteless. Give this one a pass.

  3. Anonymous

    I love this cereal and actually like the dried fruit and nuts. My only beef is the serving size is 2/3 cup and it’s quite high in carbs/calories per serving. I add frozen blueberries to it and Trader Joe’s toasted almonds – YUM!

  4. anonymous

    Love this cereal, sometimes I have it with a sliced banana.

  5. Lsg

    This is my favorite cereal. I was so sad when I was told today it was discontinued. Can we buy on line?

  6. Anonymous

    why do i feel starved after I eat this?

  7. Dk

    This was my all time favorite cereal ! I beg Trader Joe’s to bring back this recently discontinued product. I have searched and searched but there is not any other product like it on the market . Low in calories, fat, sodium and high in fiber. I love u Trader Joe’s but pulling this item was s mistake.

  8. CLee

    This is my favorite healthy cereal and am so sad that it has just been discontinued!! 🙁 Please bring it back, Trader Joe’s!!

  9. Margo Zarro

    My husband and I both love this cereal– both dry as a snack and with milk. We are so upset that it is being discontinued, and are only hoping it will be brought back!!!

  10. SF Susan

    This has been my cereal of choice for years, and when I asked why it was missing from the shelves a Trader Joe employee confirmed that it’s been discontinued. I wish they would bring it back. I can find no comparable cereal anywhere.

  11. Ettie

    I was also SO disappointed to learn today that my favorite Trader Joe cereal was discontinued. Please bring it back! It was a critical component of my delicious healthy breakfast!

  12. Fran

    Please bring this back! I am diabetic and this was the best-tasting high fiber cereal that had a decent serving size and acceptable carbohydrate count.

    Please, please bring back the TJ High Fiber Fruit & Nut Multigrain Medley Cereal!

    The high fiber O’s are not as good.

  13. RPV

    I can’t believe Trader Joe’s would choose to discontinue my all time favorite cereal and I know I’m not alone. I have been eating it for years! TJ, please reconsider!

  14. Christy Eckert

    I LOVE THIS CEREAL TOO! I drove all the way to Trader Joe’s in Tampa today from Palm Harbor JUST TO BUY THIS CEREAL! So disappointed that it has been discontinued! Please bring it back! Don’t know why a healthy high fiber cereal like this would be discontinued. I really enjoyed the crunchy large flakes it it! Quite delicious in my low fat high fiber breakfast repertoire. It was the BEST topping for my daily yogurt too!! If any change is necessary, I would appreciate it being brought back in an Organic format. Thank you!

  15. Melissa S.

    Also my favorite cereal and VERY sad to hear it was discontinued…please bring it back!!!

  16. A. Gottfried

    Why discontinued? My all time favorite…

  17. Renee Randolph

    I do not understand. There is no other cereal anywhere that compares to this cereal. It was always out of stock, so I bought 8 of them everytime I went to Trader Joe’s. Give us a good reason why it was discontinued????

  18. Lin

    I loved this cereal and was disappointed to see that it was discontinued. I hope they bring it back in an organic version. I have now settled for eating the Trader Joe’s High Fiber Cereal version that doesn’t have fruit or nuts until I find a similar cereal that is organic and soy free. I tried the Organic High Fiber O’s they are still not as good as Trader Joe’s High Fiber Fruit & Nut Multigrain Medley.

  19. Carol

    I love this cereal mixed in plain lowfat yogurt. I add blueberries and .It is very filling and healthy. Very disappointed to find it discontinued.

  20. Ruth

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS CEREAL! Please bring it back – nothing compares!

  21. Richard Rogoff

    LOVE THIS CEREAL! Please bring it back

  22. M santoro

    please bring it back it is the best cereal ever. So sad it’s gone!!!

  23. Barbara

    I look for this cereal every time I go into Trader Joe’s surely they would bring it back it was my favorite cereal and my only cereal I haven’t found a replacement

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