Trader Joe’s Non-Dairy Brown Sugar Oat Creamer Reviews

(17 customer reviews)

Sweet, dairy-free vegan creamer made with oak milk, perfect for adding to coffee or tea. Brown sugar flavor.

17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Non-Dairy Brown Sugar Oat Creamer Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    It is so delicious! I loved it and wanted to drink another coffee just to have more lol I normally only drink one cup of coffee a day! This is a must have if you’re a coffee or tea drinker!

  2. Brittany O

    Never really a fan of oat milk creamer however due to the flavor choice, had to try. This product is AMAZING!! Definitely recommend. I’ll be stocking up soon.

  3. Anonymous

    Finally a good oat creamer.

  4. Anonymous

    The only bad thing about this is how good it is! I could drink it out of the carton, which sounds gross, but it’s THAT good. It’s a great (maybe better) sub for the Starbucks brown suger oatmilk shaken espresso if you add ice and use a good bit!

  5. Anonymous

    Disappointed. I love oat milk products, and while the texture and such were fine on this, the flavor is terrible. It’s not even overly sweet, but the “Brown Sugar” flavor tastes very artificial and chemically to me. I hope TJs keeps offering an oat milk creamer, but hope they can improve the taste…

  6. LisaLisaG

    This is the best creamer I have ever had. Came here to review because I don’t ever want TJ to discontinue this—it’s so good!

  7. Mik

    Finally a dairy free creamer that froths amazing! I love it. Tastes great. 🙂

  8. Nichole

    Delicious! I love this creamer. Very sweet, don’t need much!
    The ingredients aren’t good though.

  9. CM

    I found it way too sweet and won’t buy again. I’m looking for a substitute for the soy milk creamer they used to sell. I have to buy creamer elsewhere.

  10. GEND

    Loved this! I’ve used it with matcha and coffee and it was delicious – adds a nice subtle brown sugar taste to my drinks

  11. Sherrice

    I only use this creamer in my coffee now, going to ride it until the wheels fall off. Not overly sweet, but has that nice creamy element that encases your coffee and makes it sing.

  12. b

    All oat products that are not certified glyphosate free (marked on the container) should be avoided unless you want some yummy Round-Up in your morning coffee. Gonna pass….

  13. NYC Vegan

    Tasty vegan creamer alternative. One of the best out there, rivaling Califia and TJ’s own Coconut creamer.

    Glad to see new, delicious, vegan products being cranked out at TJ’s!

  14. Helena

    Tastes good and has a nice texture. Furthermore, this is the perfect size carton of creamer if you don’t drink coffee every day, or only use a splash. Doesn’t go off by the time you can finish it, unlike the larger cartons/bottles.

  15. NYC Vegan

    They’ve really got something here! I’ve been using it for months and I am at the point where I make sure that I always have a container on hand. It’s just so delicious in coffee! All other vegan creamers pale in comparison.

    I also use this to make vegan ice cream. I use 4 parts this creamer, 1 part Trader Joe’s sunflower oil, a bit of sugar, a touch of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. I put those ingredients in a mason jar with the top on tight, shake it as much and as hard as I can, then put it in the freezer. It’s better than any storebought ice cream that I’ve ever tried. And so easy! It’s best when it’s still soft and creamy after being in the freezer for 2-3 hours.

  16. Glenn

    Love it. But tried to buy at Lagrange illinois store, and they didn’t have it! Very disappointing.

  17. LovelyLinda

    This creamer is AMAZING!!! If you love the brown sugar shaken espresso drink from Starbucks, you can make a copycat version with this creamer. Make some ground coffee, add ice, this creamer, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and add some cinnamon on top and WALLAH!

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