Trader Joe’s Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips Reviews

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33 reviews for Trader Joe’s Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips Reviews

  1. ann w.

    Noi doubt the perfect nacho flavored tortilla chip. Great for taco dips.

  2. Dawnyell

    Awesome flavor. My family loves these chips.

  3. Melissa

    I absolutely love these chips. I am truly addicted to them. We just found out they’re discontinuing them. And that really really makes me sad.

  4. Lexi

    These are my favorite chips ever. The flavor is unique and so tasty! I make extra trips just to grab a couple bags in between grocery shopping because they are that good! I haven’t been able to find them the past month and it is so sad, hoping they pop back up soon.

  5. Tjade

    I love these! Why? Hopeful these will come back on the shelves tasting
    better than ever!

  6. Emily

    Wait. What!? These are discontinued!??! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!! You can take out anything else but not the TJ nacho chips!!

  7. John

    If someone from TJ’s is reading this, for the love of all good things in the world, bring this back…

  8. Leanne

    These were SO DAMN GOOD! I am truly devastated these got discontinued. You never know when it’s the last bag. PLEASE for the LOVE of GOD BRING BACK NACHOOOOO

  9. Peter Knego

    These are so good and seemed to be in high demand. Why on earth would they be discontinued?

  10. Anonymous

    I have been patiently waiting for my favorite chips ever (1-2 bags a week) to come bag to the shelves but now found out they have been discontinued?!?!? WTF?!?!?! Not good…

  11. Matt

    Please bring these back!! We need them!

  12. Tom

    Those nacho chips were the BEST I ever tasted. Trader Joe’s CLAIMS the reason is “low sales” yet the chips always seem to sell like crazy. I suspect there may very well be another reason being withheld.

  13. Alli B

    Why were these discontinued??? They’re so good! Even the cashiers I talked to when I found out said they stocked up and were sad. Whoever from TJ’s who may read these, your customers are speaking up. Please bring them back. Hands down better than Doritos any day.

  14. Geoff

    What? Discontinued? Why? These were the best things in the store.

  15. S a

    these were the best… I would make the extra trip to Trader Joe’s just for these!

  16. Sarah J

    The best alternative to Doritos chips….and that’s coming from a hard core nacho Dorito lover! I’m sad to read that they discontinued these chips, they were perfect. I went to two different Trader Joe’s locations several times since this March, and haven’t seen any. PLEASE bring back TJ’s! ❤️

  17. Tyler

    I have recently relocated from Scottsdale Arizona, to Wilmington NC and neither TJ’s has had these in stock for several months! Please get them back in stock soon! Don’t make me eat Doritos with 50 ingredients 🙁

  18. Patti Ruggeri

    TJ’s Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips – I purchased first time and they are the best ever. When I called TJ’s , Dan said they were discontinued, but they had for quite a time…. Well, I discovered too late!! Say it isn’t so!!
    Bring them back, please!!

  19. Anthony T

    I am devastated that these delicious nacho chips were discontinued. When I called corporate they advised me it was because of the manufacturer. The manufacturer could not keep up with the demand of TJ nacho chip recipe. Corporate assured me that they will eventually find a manufacturer that can keep up with the supply and demand. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later!

  20. Jeff

    Trader Joe’s needs to bring these back in stock immediately!!!!! I literally have no reason to go to their store now because I all I would do is buy bags of these addictive and best on the market please bring them back.

  21. Nick

    Best nacho chips ever, way better than Doritos. Need these chips back on the shelves ASAP.

  22. Chip Monster

    Awe… come on! First Covid, now this?!? Please bring back the chips!

  23. Grayson Pratt

    I’m so sad these are gone! These are the best chips…period! Please bring them back.

  24. Linda

    Trader Joes please bring these back!! They were the best and gluten free which there are not always many tasty options for gluten free. I do not understand why TJ discontinued good reviewed items. Same with the gluten free raisin bread. Discontinued almost a year. Also a great selliing product and TJ decides to just stop making it. Too bad!!

  25. Leda

    This is absolutely devastating. I am truly heartbroken. These chips are my boyfriend. They got me through lockdown. If we need to reduce demand perhaps we can start a rationing system so everyone can only buy one bag per week? What can we do to solve this problem?! We need these chips for our mental health.

  26. Nicole Brancato

    Please please please bring these chips back! I can’t eat the Buffalo chicken dip with out them! The best chips ever!

  27. Molly Patterson

    While we wait for TJ’s to find a manufacturer for these I found that Late July Nacho Cheese taste similar. But I’m still adding my voice to the chorus—please bring back the nacho cheese tortilla chips!!!

  28. Molly Patterson

    While we wait for TJ’s to find a manufacturer for these I found that Late July has nacho chips that taste similar. But I’m still adding my voice to the chorus—please bring back the nacho cheese tortilla chips!!!

  29. Pez Lobo

    Absolutely gutted to find out these chips were discontinued? Why? How? I never saw an “endangered item” sign and I would know since I was a frequent buyer. These were perfect when I discovered them years ago. Doritos taste too salty and industrial by comparison. Hopefully Trader Joe’s does the right thing and brings them back ASAP!!!

  30. Gin

    Please bring back the nacho cheese chips!! They were my favorite!!

  31. Anonymous

    Still missing these. TJ’s, are you listening?

  32. Chase

    Bring them back!!!!! TJ’s wtf these were my go to nacho chips!!!! Covid is over time for NACHO! BRING THEM BACK

  33. Dane

    LOL these were about the only good tasting chips that Trader Joes had and they get rid of them. I guess it’s no more nacho chips for me because I refuse to eat a bag of toxic waste (Doritos).

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