Trader Joe’s Organic Stone Ground Blue Corn Tortilla Chips Reviews

(11 customer reviews)

11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Stone Ground Blue Corn Tortilla Chips Reviews

  1. Patt

    I buy these all the time – they’re great for dipping in hummus, tahini sauce, salsa (obviously), or even eating on their own. I also like to crumble them into soups.

  2. Irene

    I really didn’t like these at all, I’ve purchased them twice, and they are way too oily, at first I thought it was maybe just the first batch/bag I purchased, but I thought I would give them another try and the second batch was really oily too. I stick with Garden of Eatin blue corn, no salt added chips and they are not as oily, and the Trader Joes’ blue corn,multi grain chips with chia seeds.

  3. Susan

    By far Trader Joe’s best tortilla chip. These are delicious and we always have a bag at our house. Eat them with Hatch Valley Salsa… Oh man, now I am getting hungry. Complete review here:

  4. Roy

    Love these , finish a bag by myself in about 3 days, snack on them by themselves all the time. Greatly recommend.

  5. Martha Reed

    These chips are terrible! They taste like burnt cardboard!

  6. Erran

    These used to be great but now they are WAY too oily! Without the grease they would taste good. Ridiculous amount of oil!

  7. CeCe

    So oily. Two chips eaten. Then to the trash bin.

  8. Maxwell Hunter

    I buy these all the time along with a jar of TJ’s queso cheese dip. A perfect combination. Addicting.

  9. Anonymous

    These are the best chips I’ve ever had! Please bring these back 🙁

  10. Anonymous

    These chips are tasty! Unlike other reviewers, we’ve never got an overly oily bag. Sometimes blue corn chips are dense and too gritty but these chips are light, crispy and perfect for dipping. We grab a bag every time we go to TJ’s.

  11. s

    Not too salty. Wished it had no salt, so that I can use more dip per chip as dips are salty. Light crisp.

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