Trader Joe’s Organic Longboard Tortilla Chips Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Longboard Tortilla Chips Reviews

  1. Nell

    I love tortilla chips, and these are some of the best around. Thin and not too oily, they are very tasty. The only problem is that you can’t stop eating these chips!

  2. Doug Smith

    Very tasty. Good for using with a dip or just eating them right out of the bag. What’s not to like?

  3. Leslie

    Golly I really like longboard chips
    I heard today you’re discontinuing them!why?
    Bring me back!,

  4. Bigge Al

    Zero stars for TJ’s! This was a staple around our house, no other corn chips have the shape or favor, thin, yet perfect for dips a unique TJ chip so WHY DISCONTINUE THEM? I think its time to start a campaign to tell them what a mistake it is like the flavored vinegars that were discontinued, or the Trail Mix cookies they discontinued. Maybe they are making room for a Vegan non-tasty whatever?

  5. Nancy

    What? No more TJ Longboard Chips? This was one of my TJ staples. So sad to see them discontinued.

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