Trader Joe’s Men’s Once Daily Multivitamins Reviews

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High potency multi-mineral multi-vitamins.

4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Men’s Once Daily Multivitamins Reviews

  1. William

    I hope these are good. I’ve been taking them and feel fine. I’m a little worried a review hasn’t been left. Did everyone die?

  2. Marco

    they seem a bit different than the one it replaced. Lower amounts. I hope there’s no soy also.

  3. Vincent Williams

    Been taking these now for a few days. I been having random elections. My urine been very bright gold as well

  4. Dr. Frank Russo, MD, PHD

    I used the former TJ mens vitamin befor it was discontinued. They were great and i was annoyed that they were cancelled. I now just started on these new ones. Have a bit more energy and no negative side effects. Price is ok as well. I think its another winner.

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