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20 reviews for Trader Joe’s Korma Fish Curry Reviews

  1. Natasha

    Just had it for the first time. I’m sorry I didn’t buy a few more it was delicious, very rich in flavor,

  2. Anonymous

    I loved it glad I bought two!

  3. Mallory

    Honestly the best frozen meal I think I’ve ever had. It tastes like it came from an Indian restaurant. I was a little concerned about the fish but to my surprise it was great; not flaky or rubbery and seems to cook well in the microwave or the oven.

  4. Nancy

    it was just ok would not buy it again, too many other frozen food choices that inspire me more

  5. JC

    I saw it & bought one last week. When I got home, I prepared it according to the directions. I have never had a frozen meal that good from any store. I went back and bought 4 more.
    Yesterday on the way home, I picked up five more of these amazingly flavorful frozen entrees. The flavor is perfect, the sauce is not skimpy (can’t get enough), and the textures are wonderful.

    I wish they made a “family size” of this Korma Fish Curry. This is definitely a keeper!

  6. Missy

    Delicious and discontinued!

  7. Maria

    I’m eating this frozen entree right now. It’s so good! Super flavorful and pretty filling. I save the leftover sauce and put it on rice or something else later, otherwise it’s just too much sodium for one meal for me.

  8. Anonymous

    Fish was a bit hard (maybe overcooked in the microwave?) but it was a little too spicy for me, I loved it but would be much more enjoyable if it was toned down literally the tiniest bit.

  9. Zoe

    My favorite thing at TJs! Having South Indian heritage, I can say this is amaaaaazing! Please bring it back!

  10. WH – Who Loves Trader Joe’s Indian Meals

    NEVER discontinue this amazing dish. Heat it up, and you would never know it was frozen. One of my favorite prepared meals to pick up from any store. Delicious and low on calories for the incredible taste. All of Trader Joe’s frozen Indian meals are great, but this one is excellent. Please consider producing a second, slightly larger portion. Totally agree with JC’s review above.

  11. Lalitha raghunathan

    Delicious! But is the fish Swai certified by usda as safe?

  12. Melissa Pike

    I would have rated this a 5 star rating based on taste and healthy compared to most tv dinners. However, I got sick: feverish and stomach cramps after eating this for the first time on 2/27/2022. There’s a low probability I got it from possibly drinking the tap water from my apartment since I ran out of bottled water but I’ve had my apartment tap water many times and not gotten sick so I’m posting this so people can watch out for this and also post if any other issues for others. I would definitely cook it really well before eating. I don’t want to take another chance so going to avoid unless I hear anything back from Trader Joes that they’ve at least reviewed everything going into the making of it to ensure no contaminants accidentally started to get into these which can happen for any manufacturer.

  13. Wayne Thiel

    I’m crushed. This was my go to lunch but when I found it missing in frozen foods the manager told me it has been discontinued. Why? It was often sold out. Bring it back!

  14. Roberta Privette

    Yummy. So good that I wonder how bad it may be or me — i.e. how much (non-evoo) vegetable oil…

  15. Zac Fisher

    Was a big favorite of mine. Very close to being restaurant quality. Very disappointed that it has been discontinued.

  16. Anonymous

    Bring this back, it was delicious.

  17. Anonymous

    This was my go to meal option giving me good protein and taste for such a good price. I was so disappointed when I didn’t find it in store today. For a pescatarian like me, there isn’t an Indian entree in TJ anymore 🙁 Please bring it back

  18. Molly

    Loved Korma Fish Curry from Trader Joe’s! Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s no longer sells this dinner…

  19. Rachel

    Why did you discontinue it? It was the best Indian frozen dinner you have and probably my favorite frozen dinner in general. It was 1 of only 2 items I went to TJ for. Now I might not even bother shopping there.

  20. Janice Hodges

    Love it
    Bring it back please, please, please

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