Trader Joe’s Butter Chicken Reviews

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26 reviews for Trader Joe’s Butter Chicken Reviews

  1. Ken

    So good. The flavors blend together perfectly and the chicken is always tender and melt-in-your-mouth. One of my favorite Trader Joe’s frozen meals – even better than the Chicken Tikka Masala in my opinion. I eat this at least a few times a week.

  2. Didi H

    YUM!! I tried this on a recommendation from a friend and it did not disappoint! I love the chicken tikka masala, but sometimes the texture of the chicken leaves something to be desired. Not so with the TJ’s Butter Chicken – everything is tasty and it’s SO easy. Often grab a couple of these to pop in the microwave for a delicious and cheap lunch at work!

  3. Lena

    I’m not really into eating frozen lunches or dinners but the Butter Chicken is my main exception at TJ’s. The meat is always so tender and I love that that sauce has a nice kick to it.

  4. Wes

    My all-time favorite Trader Joe’s meal. I eat it all the time – really tender chicken, flavorful sauce, and perfect rice.

  5. Mo

    So good!! Not a fan of frozen dinners at all, and picked this up in the frozen section because it was only 8 points on weight watchers. Very good! Definitely something that I would eat on or off a diet!

  6. Ross

    Was looking forward to this… Hugely disappointed…

  7. kdk

    I really enjoyed much more flavor than the selection from the grocery store. .I usually grab at least 4 of these if I can (sometimes they are out)

  8. Eva

    Very tasty… but maybe ease off on the red food coloring? I brushed my teeth and then started to panic because I thought I was bleeding profusely from my mouth, so there is clearly way too much in this meal. Is it really necessary?

  9. Anonymous

    Too hot for me!

  10. DRB

    This was my first frozen meal from Joe’s, and it was a hit.

    I usually buy the national brand when it’s on sale (their retail is absurd), so this was a low-risk gamble for me.

    What a revelation! The flavors were excellent, you can locate the chicken with the naked eye, there’s no odd after-taste and the serving, amazingly enough, was ample.

    I love curry dishes, but the frozen meals usually have a bad price-to-serving ratio. With this meal you get 25% more food than from the national brand for about 25% less out-lay, so the price and quality justify eating them on a regular basis.

    Please note, while the Butter Chicken isn’t as spicy as a Vindaloo or a Madras, it still has enough zip to keep it interesting . . .

  11. Joan Lindsay

    Trader Joe’s – Butter Chicken from Canada. Always, consistently, perfect. Rice is so good, sauce has a nice little kick and chicken is tender with no fatty stuff. An Awesome Lunch and a weekly go-to.

    Thanks TJ!!!!!

  12. Ginny Dreenah

    Extremely disappointed… basmati rice tasted of mold and this is way too sweet for mahkni (butter) chicken…, had to throw mine out.

  13. Donna Roberts

    Tasty, but way too watery. It was actually the rice that was watery.

  14. Tamer Mahmoud

    It’s a lot more spicier than your average butter chicken that you’d get at an Indian restaurant though..

  15. Anita

    I had this in my freezer for a few months then finally tried it today. It was very good. I can’t give it 5 stars because the rice was a bit too chewy, but I’ll overcook it a little next time. There will be a next time because this dish is darn tasty!!

  16. Kat Seeba

    This Indian Butter Chicken is almost as good as homemade. I have tried TJ’s orange and terriyaki chicken and was not impressed. I was hesitant to try this. Let me just say, it is Delicious!!!! Those who say it is too hot or spicy must not appreciate Indian food because this is neither, it is perfect. Will definitely be purchasing again!

  17. Lo

    Very tasty. Chicken was tender, Rice was perfect and sauce was spicy. Wish I had gotten more than one!

  18. Kathryn

    They brought back buttered chicken but I don’t like the cinnamon flavor. Tastes more like Christmas than buttered chicken. Hope they bring back the old one! So. Much. Better.

  19. Roger Lopez

    We like the butter chicken. As one reviewer mentioned, it’s spicier than what you would get at and Indian restaurant. The frozen rice is not great, so we usually toss that and make our own rice, which is so easy to do. I would love TJ’s to just make the butter chicken and be able to buy it without the useless frozen rice. Please consider that!!!!

  20. Serenity Guedel

    It was…okay. I prefer the Chicken tikka masala.
    Honestly, it was the rice that was a little disappointing, not the chicken,

  21. Susan

    I’ve been buying this forever & loving it! I put my own condiments on it–zante currants, unsweetened coconut shred, diced banana, and a little honey or unflavored yogurt as a counterpoint to the spice. And we always have it with TJ’s Naan bread. (I miss the curried naan bread they used to carry!)

  22. Sarah

    Another one of our favorites

  23. Simon

    Love Indian food, grew up on it. Just ate it again, as I’ve enjoyed it in the past, but is it just me, it was a much hotter spice level, seems like there’s been a huge recipe change…..if this remain the case, then it’s a “no thank you” from me

  24. Lindsey

    This won’t beat what you’d find in a restaurant but it beats all the other frozen meal competitors, hands down. The portion is great for a weekday lunch.

  25. Barb P.

    The Butter Chicken and Basmati Rice is by far the best frozen dinner I have had from Trader Joe’s. The flavors blend beautifully with just enough spice. I do usually steam veggies to go with it to add more vitamins. It’s a big 5 for me without question.

  26. Sigma

    Eh, Canada’s national dish, eh? Indeed, it’s the wholesome goodness of butter chicken curry over rice. I’m absolutely loving it! ❤️

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