Trader Joe’s Horchata Ice Cream Reviews

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Sweet cinnamon & rice ice cream with horchata-flavored cookie pieces.


8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Horchata Ice Cream Reviews

  1. Penny

    Waaayyy too sweet. I love horchata. I grew up making it with my mother and it is now a favorite of my kids. We decided to try it and none of us could finish it because of the overpowering sweetness. The cookie bits were fine, but didn’t add much to it. We thought of returning it but since all four of us took a good sized scoop, there wasn’t much to return and most of us didn’t even finish our scoops. That never happens in this house. Skip this and go get a frozen yogurt horchata, a local shop makes an amazing one!

  2. BDCThug

    This stuff is good. It’s ice cream. It’s supposed to be sweet! Already on my 2nd pint.

  3. Joe

    This is the best store-bought ice cream I have ever eaten.

  4. Dee

    I would have to say Penny’s review of this was spot on. This was waaayyyy too sweet. Definitely not one of my faves from Trader Joe’s

  5. Billie

    Totally disagree that it’s too sweet. This ice cream is incredible. I want so badly for them to make it a staple item.

  6. Elle

    The ice cream itself was delicious, but the white chocolate coated pieces were cloyingly sweet and waxy. If they were not coated in the confectioners glaze perhaps theyd be better, but im left with a waxy aftertaste from the “toppings”

  7. Noelle

    This ice cream is spectacular. Cinnamon and cream and pure joy. My favorite ice cream from TJs, I hope they keep having it!

  8. Anonymous

    Decent. A little bit sweet for me ( I have a low tolerance for sweet), but not super sweet. Cookie bits sprinkled throughout, but not too much. Doesn’t taste like horchata.

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