Trader Joe’s When Life Gives You Lemons Make Ice Cream Reviews

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Lemon ice cream with a lemon swirl and shortbread cookie bits.

Nutrition: 910 calories per pint.

Ingredients: cream, milk, cane sugar, lemon swirl, guar gum, turmeric (for color), shortbread cookie bits (wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs), natural flavor, lemon juice, egg yolks, lemon pulp, sea salt, and carob bean gum.

Contains milk, eggs, wheat)

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s When Life Gives You Lemons Make Ice Cream Reviews

  1. A

    Amazing!!!! Nice and lemony with a cookie crunch!!!!

  2. Anna

    I am admittedly opinionated about lemon desserts, and nothing annoys me more insipid, non-assertive lemon offerings. Joe’s new lemon ice cream is as lemony as lemon can be, with a wonderful fresh, sharp, natural flavor. Personally, I could do without the shortbread bits, as I don’t think they add a thing to the flavor and are just a distraction. Instead, I’d love for there to be more of the devine lemon syrup. This, along with the lemon zest, elevates this ice cream to lemon nirvana. It is an absolute winner, and I hope it becomes a permanent offering.

  3. Liz

    Delicious creamy decadent lemon ice cream. I could take or leave the shortbread cookies mixed in. Definitely will be buying it again hope it stays!! I am going to also share with my daughter in law who likes lemony desserts like me

  4. Lor

    Absolutely delightful!! I love lemony desserts but this one is outstanding. I will be truly disappointed if this one goes away next season. The lemon swirls and shortbread bits are a nicely added touch. It’s a winner

  5. Nichole

    Unfortunately, I would buy it again (poor diet!). They did a very nice job balancing tart and sweet. The lemon reflected natural citrus without the remnants of its flesh compromising the experience. The bright presence of the lemon against the smooth pairing of frozen cream was fresh and light. The lack of unwavering richness allowed for continuous bites without cognition of calories. The “lemon swirl” was an unexpected component offering the punch of real flavor that causes jaws to clinch and hearts to flutter. The shortbread bits provided a welcomed subtle bite layered against the creamy finish on the palate. Less was not more; more would have satiated the desire for more texture. Lorna played a small part here and left me longing for more. Overall, this was sunshine, experienced on the beach, in 88°. She will find her way in the coveted red cart again. A warmed slice of pound cake will be her next intimate partner of pleasure.

  6. Cheryl

    I am a huge lemon ice cream craver. Whenever I saw there’s a new lemon flavor coming out, I’d buy. This is easily one the the best lemon ice cream I have ever tasted. Such a great balance between the creaminess, fruitiness from the lemon swirl, and the brittleness of the shortbread that melts together with the ice cream the second your tongue squishes them…

  7. Charmaine Day

    I absolutely loved it and I’m not an ice cream fan. I went back to get a few more cartons and was told it was seasonal and probably wouldn’t be back in stock until next year! OMG! It’s still May, not even summer yet. Why???? Why do they do this??? So disappointed !!!!

  8. Laura

    Perfectly tart and lemony. It was gone too soon. For you Texans, H‑E‑B has an incredibly similar offering. For other folks maybe check a larger chains own brand offerings.

  9. Sh’Dynasty

    I didn’t like this flavor because of its bitterness. It tastes like they zested the hell out of the lemon and kept on zesting through to the pith because that’s all I tasted. Bitter pithyness. Not even a little sweet, just bitter. Did I mention bitter?

  10. Lemonique

    Oh me oh my lemons! I have a thing for lemons, you see, so when I saw this I had to give it a try and wowZers! The tarty taste just dances across my tongue in smooth creamy fashion. It is just so perfect! It’s just enough for me to not over do it so I have many trips to the freezer which is exactly what makes this a 5 star dessert! One of your BEST as I paired it with that delicious vanilla bean mini sheet cake for the perfect yet not overdone birthday treat! TJs – another win to add to your oh-so-addictive selection of BESTS. Lucky for me this is seasonal or else I could be in serious trouble! lol

  11. Dee DiGiacomo

    Love the tart in the lemony, creamy ice cream. The morsels of cookie don’t do much to elevate. It’s all about the lemon!

  12. Ashley

    This is the best ice cream I have ever had. I a devastated Trader Joe’s is not bringing it back. Shame on them.

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