Trader Joe’s Hi-Protein Veggie Burger Reviews

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Two burgers, made with pea protein.

32 reviews for Trader Joe’s Hi-Protein Veggie Burger Reviews

  1. Ashley

    In 26 years of being vegan I haven’t found a worse veggie burger. The texture is like dog food, and the taste is even more foul. I felt weirdly sick afterwards, too. Stick with Dr. Praegers’s, Gardein, or literally any other brand.

  2. Alex

    I was intrigued by a whopping 26g of protein in these burgers, but immediately after taking just one bite I had to throw the entire box away. Never in my life have I tasted something more vile than this protein burger. Do not waste your money on these ones and try an alternative.

  3. Alexis

    I LOVE this burger. I’m so bummed people think it’s so horrible. Yes it does crumble but I like to put it in my rice w veggie bowls. Taste is great

  4. Roshni

    The burger was pathetic. Just one bite is enough to say that. If someone needs better options, do explore Indian vegetarian restaurants as they have better substitutes or even try the ones which Costco sells.

  5. Erika

    Absolutely no….it smells and it taste like dog food…my fiance and I had gas too….even with condiments the taste was horrendous….Trader Joe’s please discontinue….please!

  6. Norm

    26g per burger is good, but it falls apart when you try to flip it as directed. When I went into my local store to complain, the clerk said that I should complain online. But Trader Joe’s does not have a customer service option online.

  7. Nick

    I’ll admit that I’ve tried dog food in the past – the reviews equating that to this burger are staggeringly accurate. No matter what the context is, you can find a better option.

  8. Larry Schuetz

    I can’t believe Trader Joe’s sells such a bad product. It tastes awful and falls apart like the other reviews say. Apparently they do not review the items they sell.

  9. Leslie

    My husband and I actually like these quite a bit and they’ve been one of our ”go tos” for a quick lunch. We’re not vegan but we tend to eat that way and we liked that these contain so much protein. Yes, they can crumble when cooked but I found that when I microwave then bake the patty in my toaster/convection oven they turn nice and crispy on the outside with a soft inside. I like them crumbled on a salad and my husband eats them with condiments and cheese on a sandwich.
    I’m surprised these reviews are so poor—but sometimes people tend to review only when they dislike something, so I thought I’d post a good review.
    I’m sad to hear that these have been discontinued….

  10. Renee

    I love these burgers. I put them in the toaster oven and they come out perfect every time. I agree with @ Leslie that people review when they dislike something. I just learned that they have been discontinued which is very sad for me. Some of the alternatives out there like Praeger’s are not the healthiest alternatives and I don’t have the patience to try and and make my own and 26 grams of protein!!?? Where else can I get that much protein in one shot. I’m really sad these will no longer be available.

  11. Audrey

    I loved these burgers and I am just devastated that they are no longer available. I love meat preferably beef. Therefore it is no surprise that I have high cholesterol. I am allergic to soy & this burger did not have soy therefore enabling me to be Vegetarian for at least four days weekly. This dietary change has helped to reduce my cholesterol level. I hope Trader Joe’s will reconsider and begin producing these burger again!

  12. K K

    I love these. Absolute staple in my vegan/gf diet. I am SO sad they have been discontinued. It is so hard to find a veg burger that isn’t loaded with gluten, and this one had a great amount of protein. They were popular in the Kalamazoo store, despite not being everyone’s cup of tea — they were frequently out of stock, so I always stocked up when I shopped. I think the Pragers taste horrible, FWIW, and they have a slimy texture. I liked the texture of the TJ version. To each his own, but I am really sad to see these discontinued and hope TJ will come up with an alternative.

  13. Amy Holbrook

    These are my staple!!!! Please bring them back. With cottage cheese on top, I am fueled for hours.
    I feel like Elaine in Seinfeld—They are sponge worthy! I am going to hunt down the remaining.
    Trader Joe’s, hear those of us who are fans.

  14. Raquel

    I am so sad this was discontinued. It tastes like a high protein falafel. Please bring it back

  15. Destinee

    I am literally distraught. I’ve been getting these for 5 years! There’s no item comparable and I make them several different ways not just as a burger. Im hoping and praying they bring this item back! Low carb! No soy! High protein! I need it. I’ve looked everywhere for something similar and nothing. Devastated. Grieving. Heart broken.

  16. Jolee

    I went to buy this staple and found out that Trader Joe’s is no longer carrying them. This was the only vegan patty that taste good, was high in protein, low in carbs, and had no soy. My kids and grand kids love this as well. I used it for many different meals during the week. Please reconsider bringing this item back I have not been able to find anything comparable.

  17. Cherish Ruggles

    I am in disbelief. I have been getting these for my family for over 5 years. There isn’t anything comparable to these, with the same amount of protein. I need them. Please bring them back. I will go on strike from Trader Joe’s until they are back.
    Cruel day to be alive.

  18. Sabrina

    Extremely disappointed that this has been discontinued. It was always the lowest of stock among the other veggie burgers. Please bring this back!

  19. Heather Marlowe

    It packed a protein and fiber punch like no gluten free pea protein veggie burger I knew. RIP (weeps aloud)

  20. Jo Cobbett

    I’ve been shopping at Trader Joe’s for 28 years now and it’s really sad to say the most notable thing that Trader Joe’s does is discontinue things that I really appreciate and love and by every time I go there. I could write a huge list here of things that are gone that were good. Each time I’m told that they’ve discontinued something. It’s usually something that didn’t have sugar in it like the Thai green curry sauce. But I was just stunned to find out the high-protein veggie burger was gone.
    Does everything have to taste like everybody else’s crap in order to be successful?
    I wish Trader Joe’s had an opportunity for peoples opinions to actually count. But now that they’re owned by the same people who have all these I guess they just want whatever the masses want. And once upon a time it was a store for gourmet foods and wonderful, surprising discounts. I do love they keep the prices as low as they can is a lot of things I love getting there. But more and more there are hardly any Rochi’s is left one more. There are hardly any things without sugar left please don’t just give us vegetables that we can eat in love give us things actually are good for us and that we appreciate. And don’t replace some thing unless you’ve got an alternative for it! praegers does make a high-protein, veggie burger, but TJ’s doesn’t sell it.
    You have so many snack foods at this point it’s absurd! You had a couple of veggie burgers in the entire lineup and you discontinued the one with protein that was digestible. Please please please take it from us. We need to have this in your arsenal of possibilities in your frozen food section, please!

  21. Angela and Christoph

    This was the only thing we felt was worth going out and waiting in line for shopping during the pandemic. We love these! Love the taste, the protein and how quickly they prepare. 90 seconds in the microwave and topped off with some avocado and sea salt. So good! Please please bring these back!

  22. Brenda

    I am heartbroken. This is my go-to veg burger. We’d buy multiple packages at a time. Please, Trader Joe’s don’t take away one of the few wonderful healthy things we love at your store!

  23. PB

    Love these!

  24. Kerry

    I literally live off of these veggies burgers. Best veggie burger ever!!! Please tell me they are not discontinued. They were a popular item.

  25. Beeba

    Those vegan burgers are a staple for many of us vegetarians who DO NOT EAT SOY! I also used it to mix with a number of my dishes.

    Traders continues to block more of the flow of veggie products without soy. This includes various sales discontinued in the past few months.

    More and more I have to direct my spending to other stores.

  26. KM

    PLEASE BRING THESE BACK! As a vegetarian with food allergies, these were a staple for me. They had less junk, no soy protein, tasted great and super high in protein. The other options you sell do not compare or have ingredients I can’t. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!

  27. Patricia Kitchen

    Please, Trader Joe’s, bring these back. Or, at the very least, help us understand why you’re no longer stocking them.

  28. Vegan TJ-Fan in SoFlo

    This is my absolute FAVORITE VEGAN BURGER, and I am distraught that Trader Joe’s has discontinued it! I’ve been vegan for nearly a decade, and I haven’t found a better high-protein vegan burger. The fact that it’s pea protein, not soy, is an added bonus. I’ve been vegan so long that I find burgers that look like meat absolutely disgusting. PLEASE, Please, please bring it back!

  29. LR

    Disappointed to not find these at TJ’s anymore. Wish TJ’s would bring these back.

  30. Selina

    Still bummed these have been discontinued. Sure there are other veggie burgers in the world but this was a VERY versatile source of affordable protein for vegans and vegetarians. I used to have at least one daily during the week to meet my protein needs. I’m no longer vegetarian so have ended up using meat products to fill the gap. I used to scramble these with eggs & top with salsa and avocado for a very high protein, fairly low carb breakfast. Was there something wrong with it, or was it just not popular, or is it just a matter of TJs keeping things exciting for us? I thought that I personally must have kept these in demand. Haha.

  31. user-817374


  32. Gil Shlomit

    i cannot eat meat because of the religion im in and this was so good ive never had a burger before so i love

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