Trader Joe’s Hi-Protein Veggie Burger Reviews

(8 customer reviews)

Two burgers, made with pea protein.

8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Hi-Protein Veggie Burger Reviews

  1. Ashley

    In 26 years of being vegan I haven’t found a worse veggie burger. The texture is like dog food, and the taste is even more foul. I felt weirdly sick afterwards, too. Stick with Dr. Praegers’s, Gardein, or literally any other brand.

  2. Alex

    I was intrigued by a whopping 26g of protein in these burgers, but immediately after taking just one bite I had to throw the entire box away. Never in my life have I tasted something more vile than this protein burger. Do not waste your money on these ones and try an alternative.

  3. Alexis

    I LOVE this burger. I’m so bummed people think it’s so horrible. Yes it does crumble but I like to put it in my rice w veggie bowls. Taste is great

  4. Roshni

    The burger was pathetic. Just one bite is enough to say that. If someone needs better options, do explore Indian vegetarian restaurants as they have better substitutes or even try the ones which Costco sells.

  5. Erika

    Absolutely no….it smells and it taste like dog food…my fiance and I had gas too….even with condiments the taste was horrendous….Trader Joe’s please discontinue….please!

  6. Norm

    26g per burger is good, but it falls apart when you try to flip it as directed. When I went into my local store to complain, the clerk said that I should complain online. But Trader Joe’s does not have a customer service option online.

  7. Nick

    I’ll admit that I’ve tried dog food in the past – the reviews equating that to this burger are staggeringly accurate. No matter what the context is, you can find a better option.

  8. Larry Schuetz

    I can’t believe Trader Joe’s sells such a bad product. It tastes awful and falls apart like the other reviews say. Apparently they do not review the items they sell.

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