Trader Joe’s Protein Patties Reviews

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TJ’s take on a plant-based burger similar to the Beyond Burger or Impossible Burger! Plant-based patties with 18g of protein per serving. Package comes with two 4-oz patties.

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Protein Patties Reviews

  1. Lauren

    They’re super awesome. Me and my husband just had some in a burrito (I know, not a burger). Tomorrow, I’ll make a proper burger with them. They’re really good, not identical to beef, but darn close and without the overwhelming grease and resulting heartburn/nausea that beef causes.

  2. Anonyms

    Just made. Pretty d good but not quite as good as the Impossible Burger. I have tried all the competitors thus far and they are all good but still find the Impossible Burger the best. But the IB os a LOT more expensive so…

  3. Wes

    I was happy to see that Trader Joe’s added a Beyond Burger-wannabe (I would consider this one to be more in that category than their frozen protein patties, which don’t have the same type of texture etc).

    The verdict? I wouldn’t compare it to Impossible Burger as it’s not really going for that type of look/taste, though it’s clearly trying to be a Beyond Burger – but in my experience, wasn’t as good.

    I also didn’t think it was as good as other Beyond Burger types like the Light Life version that some grocery stores sell. The other problem was that it did not hold together well, and split in half very easily.

    It’s worth a try if you want to save money vs. buying Beyond Burgers, or don’t have access to those near you (or are just going to TJ’s). But other than that, I’d go for real Beyond Burgers.

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