Trader Joe’s Hat Trick Trio of Bitters Reviews

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Flavors: classic, grapefruit, and spicy.


2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Hat Trick Trio of Bitters Reviews

  1. Hiram Taylor

    Trader Joes’s Hat Trick Trio of Bitters has changed the way I make cocktails. The grapefruit is terrific in either a vodka or gin martini. The spicy really brings out the flavors in a Manhattan or Old fashion. I really love them. I got them as a christmas gift but am now buying for myself. Highly recomend them all three.

  2. Nadege Lark

    I’m in NY and called my local Trader Joe’s (Hewlett) and they’ve never heard of it and apparently can’t order it. The clerk says it’s not coming up in their system. Is this item discontinued?

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