Dan Armor Cuvee Speciale Cidre Brut Reviews

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Hard cider from the Brittany region of France, made with fresh-pressed apple juice and brewing yeast


11 reviews for Dan Armor Cuvee Speciale Cidre Brut Reviews

  1. Patty

    Wasn’t sure what to expect, but this was amazing! I will definitely buy this again.

  2. Coquine

    Light apple flavor, dry to perfection, sparkling like champagne but lighter in alcohol. Wonderful with savory crepes and dessert or by itself. I loved it. Please, Trader Joe’s, bring it back soon!!

  3. John DeModena

    Wow, i picked up a couple of these on the recommendation of a staff member, and when i saw it was from Brittany, i had excited hopes. i was not disappointed…it was like the cidre we used to drink in Brittany. it is the real deal, the best cider i have had here. not too sweet and flavorful.

    unfortunately, i have not seen it since. if it comes back, i’m buying a case!

  4. Jean

    This was the best cider I have ever tasted and I’ve tried many. They were always too sweet, too much apple flavor, too much of an alcohol flavor, and cloying. This cider had none of those issues, plus it was light, refreshing, and so enjoyable to drink. Trader Joe’s, please bring this brand back, maybe year round instead of just during the holidays.

  5. Skeeter

    Excellent clean, dry cider with no fake sweetness like the mass produced US ciders and less expensive than comparable craft ciders. Could also serve as a nice mixer for Mimosas in place of sparkling wine.

  6. Arthur A

    I was raised on Normandy cider, which has been hard to find in these parts until recently. This is the real deal, wonderfully dry yet tasty and refreshing, with a glorious gold color. Hopefully American cider producers will learn a trick or two from the masters of France. Bought 6 bottles, but will return for more ASAP.

  7. Scott

    I tried this when TJ first stated carrying it and rejected it outright. I actually poured the bottle down the drain. Maybe a year later I read a review on Reddit that I thought was utter nonsense, but upon later reflection I decided to try it again. All I can figure is I must have gotten a bad bottle on that first try, something that is certainly possible with a cider of this type. This is actually a very good example of a French cider. You may be surprised or even put off by the sulphur notes in it’s aroma, but try to put that aside and delve into the actual flavors. Very subtle and light and entirely delicious. The more of it I drink, the more I like it. It is without a doubt the least expensive French Cider you are ever going to find on this side of the pond so put down that Angry Orchard and that Woodchuck and learn how cider is supposed to taste. Yum.

  8. Giovanny

    There are some very sophisticated ways of brwieng cider.But f*ck those. You want ‘turbo-cider’ so-called because it brews quickly, not because it gets you drunk quickly.Go to a home-brew shop and buy a 5 gallon fermenting vessel (a36 or so?), ideally with a tap in the bottom, and some cider yeast. You will need to sterilize it (ask the homebrew shop, who will sell you some sterilizer too).Put 20L (or whatever) of value Tescos apple juice in the vessel, add the yeast, put the lid on and leave it for 2 weeks. Then drink it.If you want a strong cider boil up a bag of sugar with some water and add that to the apple juice before fermenting. Make sure it’s all cool before adding the yeast.

  9. Ttrockwood

    Seems to be a seasonal product, i buy several when i find this. Wonderful light apple flavor and effervescent without too much carbonation. Significantly better than any american hard ciders and a touch more sweet than the spanish cidras. Excellent and highly recommended!

  10. Bruce

    We’ve really enjoyed this in the past but our last two two bottles were badly oxidized and undrinkable.

  11. Lolo

    Excellent. The only cider in all the shops I go to that tastes like really cider and not like sweet apple juice. Please keep it on the shelves!!

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