Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins Reviews

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Moist sour cream cake with cinnamon bits and brown sugar.

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34 reviews for Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    These are incredible!!!!

  2. Brooke

    Since I am GF, I haven’t had a muffin in years. These are delicious. They are moist and crumble like a regular muffin. Good enough to serve to anyone, GF or not.

  3. Anonymous

    These taste great but made me very ill. I’m celiac and definitely got glutened from them. They must have been cross-contaminated or something. The nice flavor and texture aren’t worth the pain.

  4. CeliacMom

    Yes, they might be one of the most delicious things I’ve ever had. However, I have gotten incredibly sick from them MULTIPLE times. These have been the only common denominator every time I’ve gotten glutened. I’m horribly disappointed, because they are so good! People raving about them are likely not truly celiac. If you are someone living a “gluten free lifestyle” by choice, then you can probably eat these. If you have true celiac, I would strongly advise against them!

  5. Jennifer Wolf

    Let me start by saying I do not suffer from celiac but I do have reactions to wheat that are extremely unpleasant. I only had these today so I will update if I get any negative reaction. These are the best gluten free baked goods I have had in years. They aren’t dry like so many products. Please don’t get rid of these!!!!!!!!

  6. Grace Cole

    Deliciously sickening. I knew these were too good to be true! I have celiac, and these make me terribly sick.

  7. Anonymous

    I have Celiac, these make me very sick. I’ve had half of one after dinner, the past 5 days, and I’ve been sick now every night. I finally made the connection.

  8. Lisa

    I have Celiac, these make me very sick. I’ve had half of one after dinner, the past 5 days, and I’ve been sick now every night. I finally made the connection.

  9. Jessica Stum

    I also have celiacs and got horribly sick from these. I made a special trip to trader joes for these muffins which were delicious but I am now nervous to eat the other “gluten free” items from Trader Joes.

  10. Dana Naylor

    I have celiac and never been sick from them. So, try it for yourself I say. They are amazing!

  11. Erin

    Got severely ill from these muffins—they definitely have gluten in them!

  12. Kim

    These were really good. Then I got really sick. It took me three days to narrow it down and figure out it was the muffins. If you have celiac, stay away from these muffins. They really are too good to be true and you will pay dearly.

  13. Katie T

    Oh no, I’m sorry to hear people getting sick from these! I was coming to rate them as my new favorite muffins… as for the taste they really are good! Good to know celiac people might need to avoid 🙁

  14. LDubs

    These taste amazing. Absolutely amazing for a gluten free product. HOWEVER, I do NOT have celiac disease but eat a gluten free diet in the past month at the suggestion of a dr. (btw-joint pain completely GONE!). In the past two days these muffins have made my belly ache and sent me to the bathroom multiple times within hours of eating them. (Not a good look when you’re at WORK!) It may not be gluten in the muffins that is making some ill. There may be some other combination that doesn’t agree with certain bellies? I’m super disappointed because they taste so good but this may need to get crossed off my grocery list.

  15. Angie

    Delicious, but highly doubt “gluten free”
    I have been sick from these twice.

  16. Alanna E

    Non celiac gluten sensitive here. These are amazingly delicious. Perfectly moist, great texture, and lovely taste. I’m not telling my family how good they are so they will see the “gluten free” label and stay away from them! Lol

  17. Danielle

    I don’t have celiac but Gluten causes bloating and heartburn, especially if I consume it in the mornings. So I decided to try these and I didn’t get heartburn or bloating so that was really great. On top of that they are phenomenal, better than any muffin I have had in my life. I will be purchasing these again for sure. And a reminder to those who see a gluten free label and think its a health food, these are NOT healthy, still have a lot of fat and sugar so keep that in mind lol.

  18. Kathryn

    I’m non celiac gluten sensitive. These muffins taste amazing but have made me horribly Ill and sent me to the bathroom right away everytime I’ve tried to eat one. Looking at the ingredients I’m honestly not sure what would make me so sick other than gluten getting in there somehow. Makes me super sad because Trader Joe’s gf products are the best but this made me lose a lot of trust in them.

  19. Lisa

    I gv an extra star because these are deliciously moist, but they gave me stomache cramps. Im gluten intolerant, but no Celiac. The website says they hv less than 20ppm of gluten allowable by FDA so maybe Im just more sensitive to the smallest amounts. Im also allergic to an ingredient called carageenan which is made from seaweed/algae which is in alot of gf foods. This product doesnt hv carageenan, but it has buttermilk which cld potentially hv carageenan in it. So this gf product is a no go for me.

  20. Melody

    I have Celiac and have never gotten sick after eating them. I must say these muffins are very delicious and moist. The texture is very palatable. Even if I could eat gluten I would still buy the muffins.

  21. Jilian

    I want to love these…but they are making me sick. I had them a few times and don’t remember getting sick, but recently whenever I eat these I feel sick about 12hrs later. I’m gluten sensitive and have been eating gluten free for 2 years and I’ve narrowed it down to these muffins as making me sick at night from being glutened. Don’t have celiac but must be super sensitive to gluten now, maybe depending on store they are cross-contaminated? Super disappointed. Will be avoiding these in the future, not worth the bloating, nausea, burping and indigestion 🙁

  22. Stacey

    My daughter, who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease five years ago, had a reaction after eating these muffins. Within a few hours of eating half of a muffin, she showed symptoms of “being glutened”. We couldn’t pinpoint why she was having a reaction, until a few days later when she had the other half of the muffin and within an hour had a reaction. This is the first and last time we will be buying these muffins.

  23. Not safe

    Absolutely awful. Not sure if i have celiacs or not but I know I definitely at least have a sensitivity. I get breast pain, extreme weakness/malaise, fatigue etc when i consume gluten. Every time and I mean every time I try these I get extremely sick afterwards. Not safe.. they definitely should take the gluten free label off because it’s misleading.

  24. Anonymous

    Let me say I am gluten intolerant not celiac and have not reacted.
    They bring me back to the days when I could eat muffins from the local DD. Moist and delicious even better when warmed.

  25. Don’t buy

    DO NOT GET THESE IF YOU HAVE CELIAC THEY ARE NOT SAFE. These are super delicious but unfortunately I got extremely sick after eating these I spent the whole night in the bathroom. If you have celiac these are not for you.

  26. Riles G

    Always feel sick after eating these. Come to find out TJ’s puts gluten in them but labels them “gluten free”. Doesn’t matter the amount. What matters is they falsely advertise their products. From now on I’ll only get produce from them. Any products they make by ingredients mixed together, I won’t touch because they put gluten in the majority of them!

  27. Tina Brown

    Tasted great, but I have been horribly sick ever since I ate one. I have CD, these are not safe for anyone with CD. Buyer beware. I wish I would have looked at the reviews before I bought them.

  28. MuffinMan

    These muffins are insane.

  29. Jim Holland

    Man they taste great but then in addition to being gluten free I find I am pre-diabetic. So today I looked at the label. Aye chihuahua. These babies are loaded with sugar.

  30. Ana

    These are AMAZING! They don’t taste gluten free. I have celiac and these have never made me sick.

  31. Katie

    I have celiac with DH and had an extreme DH flare a few hours after eating these along with stomach issues. Wish I would have looked at reviews before trusting them. I knew the taste was too good to be true as they were some of the best GF that I have had.

  32. Anonymous

    Taste amazing but made me sick every time I have tried them. I am celiac and very careful so I don’t get Glutened often. These are not safe for celiacs – made me quite ill.

  33. Peg

    I have a gluten allergy and totally enjoy these muffins. They are moist, sweet and cake-like which is what I’ve really been missing since going gluten free. I freeze them right in the clamshell package and take out one at a time – perfection. Best baked GF product ever!

  34. Jerry

    I have celiac. Ate one this morning, sick by 2 pm. Obviously they don’t get it.

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