Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Cookie Sticks Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Cookie Sticks Reviews

  1. Wes

    Five stars all the way! These are so good – like a gingerbread brownie. Some of the best “cookies” I’ve ever had from Trader Joe’s. They’re really flavorful, with the perfect texture.

  2. Christine

    While drinking my complimentary coffee today, I asked if I could sample the Gingerbread Cookie Sticks. Omg – so flavorful & one of the best purchased cookies I have ever had! I bought 3 packages & I am now trying to scheme how I could pass them off as my homemade treats! Thank you TJs!!

  3. Ttrockwood

    A great blend of spices, biscotti shaped but soft thick cookies with some crunchy sugar on the outside. Very flavorful and the ginger isn’t over powering. You can’t reseal the package they come in, so just transfer to a ziplock bag- they won’t be around long enough to get stale!

  4. MJ Woost

    Best store bought cookie/bar ever. If you want or need to keep your cookie intake at a modest level, cut each stick into cubes, put in a single layer on a plate and freeze for a few hours. Then pop in a small freezer bag. One or two cubes (even frozen!) with a cup of tea. Oh my!

  5. Edie Patterson

    The best gingerbread cookie ever. Just the right amount of sweet and ginger taste, and the texture is amazing. Moist without being sticky or damp. Everyone I have offered these to has gone out to buy some. I just wish that these were offered all year round. They would be my go-to cookie. I’ve been known to eat 1 (or 2) with my coffee for breakfast. Yum!

  6. Jennifer

    Best. Cookie. Ever.
    Please, please Trader Joe’s, carry these all your long! I have had them every day with my coffee in the morning, and do not want to live without them! Amazing – dense, moist, chewy, with a crispy crust. Out of this world!!

  7. Nancy

    Absolutely delicious. And addictive! Please Trader Joe’s carry them year round! (And I thought that your Kringle was the best thing ever!) I am hoping beyond hope that you carry them at Easter.

  8. Penny

    Where can I buy Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Cookie sticks?

    I was told they are not available this year.

    They are 5 Stars all the way,

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