Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Cake & Baking Mix Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Cake & Baking Mix Reviews

  1. napturallyDee

    Not that bad. It is for sure Gingerbread. I opted to make gingerbread cake based on the recipe options and I hated it. I’m sure it was just my own personal issues with food texture because my husband and kids loved it. Didn’t last a day. If its around later this year I would re-purchase and make the cookies.

  2. Caitlin

    I love this stuff! Unlike many gingerbread mixes or pre-made gingerbread doughs, it’s actually very spicy and gingery! When made as a cake, it’s very dense and moist. When made as cookies, they’re nice and chewy. Would definitely recommend this product. Stock up when you see it, because it’s seasonal!

  3. Billy BOB

    TJ’s Gingerbread Cake Mix is the …..BOMB! Unfortunately is only sold in late fall and winter.

    Believe me. When this stuff touches the ground this season, IT is going to BLOW UP !!!!

  4. Presley

    I’ve purchased Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Cake mixes for at least the last 5 years: the original TJ Gingerbread mix (the package shown on this web page) was EXCELLENT: dark, moist, spicy…PERFECT! I used it for making gingerbread cake as well as cut-out gingerbread cookies , both with rave responses from family & guests. However…Christmas 2019 the mix changed to have somewhat larger bits of ginger…ok…but by Christmas 2021 and now UGH Christmas 2022, the mix has increasingly become lighter/less molasses (and consequently also less moist) so that it produces a mild gingerbread cake with spicy/chewy bites of ginger AND the ginger pieces are so large that you really can’t use this mix anymore for cut-out gingerbread cookies: my cut-outs either fell apart no matter how gently I eased them out of my cookie cutters OR they came apart on as they baked where the ginger pieces were too large! So disappointed…please Trader Joe’s, bring back the original DARK TJ Gingerbread Cake mix “With Molasses and Ginger” as that was in the original packaging shown here…the new pale mix “With Crystallized Ginger Pieces” is no comparison :((((

  5. Tami

    I second Presley’s Dec 2022 review. I used to stock up every Fall. I took my gingerbread squares sprinkled with powder sugar to every potluck or kids event. Total hit with everyone. Our family ate it regularly. I was so disappointed with the amazing dark, spicy, slightly sweet TJ Gingerbread mix (package shown on this web page) was replaced with the other version. I tried the new version and tried to be open minded but quit buying it altogether, as it just isn’t very good (unless it has improved since I quit buying it). Maybe the original manufacturer quit selling to TJoes. I would love to find it or if anyone had a receipt that is close to the old version, please share.

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