Trader Joe’s Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sticks Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sticks Reviews

  1. AnnaLisa

    These are the exact right combo of sweet & salty!! Heavenly with a cup of coffee!! It kinda tastes like a blondie…..get them you won’t be sorry.

  2. Christina

    I never had a salty cookie before, I like it a lot. Wish it was salter though

  3. Sherri Garner

    Good, but not sensational. I expect EVERYTHING to be sensational at TJs.
    I personally like the biscottis and Dunkers better. m I think a lot of their cookies are better actuallly.

  4. Adrienne

    They are sooo good! DELICIOUS!!!!

  5. Mike

    Wow! Great & good with coffee, tea, or milk! Three sticks with coffee for breakfast makes a fast meal. Also, good for that pick-me-up snack. Careful, so good, you may not be able to stop eating them. Also, the sticks are good for travel. Gourmet!

  6. Laurie Gee

    Accidentally came upon them over the holidays. They are amazing!! When I lived in NYC in the 1970s….there was a bake shop called ” The Well Bred Loaf”…..almost everyday after work ( I was in my 20s & could eat whatever I wanted with no problems)…I got this ” Blonde Brownie…..never forgot about them!! After tasting these….they reminded me of these Blondies!! My heart skipped a beat!!

    Was in TJ last week & asked for them….was told they’re a ” Seasonal Item” which means they won’t be back till end of year if at all!!

    I say we ask TJ’s to carry them throughout the year…after all….who doesn’t love a good Blonde Brownie in the form of a cookie stick?!?!

  7. Kz

    Love them Could use a bit more salt but they are really good as they are!

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