Trader Joe’s Face Mask Trio Reviews

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Sets of face masks with clay detox (“refresh”), Pineapple Papaya enzyme (“renew”), and Rose gel (“restore”).

8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Face Mask Trio Reviews

  1. Coco

    Trying out the clay max as we speak! Has a great light citrusy scent and feels similar to other clay masks I’ve tried. Looking forward to trying out the other two masks soon.

  2. Katie Campos

    Are you supposed to use all three in one sitting?

  3. Crystal

    Arla you would use it one at a time based on your facial need that day. I tried the Rose Gel yesterday and it felt great and really toned my face 🙂

  4. Phoebe Chan

    Surprising good for the price!!!

  5. Maggie

    I really am impressed with these masks, especially for the price! For those asking, you use one at a time, depending on what your needs are. However, you might want to only use the clay around your nose (where your pores are the largest), the rose on your forehead and chin (or your driest areas), and the pineapple around the perimeter to keep your skin renewed and glowing. GREAT buy!


    Very impressed by these masks! The Renew one is exfoliating but has Aloe in so it doesn’t irritate, it’s a gel like consistency so when applying I rubbed it into my skin to start the exfloiation process, my skin is so smooth! The clay one is awesome as well, I have problematic oily skin, you can feel your skin pulsating (which is actually a nice feeling if you have clogged pores!) it spreads on so easily that you don’t need much! I haven’t tried the Rose one yet, but I’m sure it won’t disappoint. Anyway, as a skin care junkie I recommend these, plus I think it was around $6.99(?) for all 3! I need to go and get another pack as I’m afraid that these are seasonal or will sell out as soon as the word gets out! Trader Joe’s you NEVER disappoint me!!!

  7. Grace

    I bought these as an impulse buy- especially for the price! I’m actually using the rose mask as I type-
    Rose- nice cooling mask, lovely scent, and just helps smoothing out my complexion.
    Clay- really deep cleanses, doesn’t do much on blackheads though
    Pineapple- meh. It has a weird scent- pineapple, but gone wrong. It’s okay… the beads don’t do much to exfoliate
    Overall- 4/5 stars. The rose and clay masks are my favorite.

  8. Maui Girl

    Love all three. I have drier sensitive skin and all three are gentle on my skin. The Rose Gel feels so nice during the summer after a day at the beach and the Clay has a really nice texture and smell. The Pineapple leaves my 62 year old skin glowing. Highly recommend, I only wish there was a Trader Joes in Maui.

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