Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleansing Pads Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleansing Pads Reviews

  1. Drew

    These tea tree facial cleansing pads are amazing for acne, and just feeling clean/fresh overall. They’re great because they’re not too harsh, but also strong enough to actually help unclog pores and get rid of zits.

  2. Violet

    These cleansing pads are very convenient but I find that they did absolutely nothing. It might feel good to swipe this across your face after a workout to freshen up, but it doesn’t actually do anything much else to your skin.

  3. Jenny Johnson

    These are what they say… facial cleansing pads. And they do the job beautifully! They’re effective enough to remove dirt and oil from my pores, and leave my face feeling clean and so soft and smooth. As a teen I did not have acne, but had really oily skin. In my 50s now, although my skin is getting drier I still have an oily T-zone. These cleansing pads work great for ALL areas, leaving my entire face feeling clean and soft. I don’t know if all skin types would get the same result, but I am highly satisfied with the results I get, and the price is totally worth at least trying them.

  4. Nils V

    So harsh it literally removed paint off my door. Not sure what made me think to use them to clean my bathroom. I knew I would never use on my face… the harsh smell, super drying effect to my skin… so I used it to clean the edges of a door and it removed the paint!!! Haha. True story! Will NEVER use on my skin.

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