Trader Joe’s Earl Grey de la Creme Loose Leaf Black Tea Blend Reviews

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28 reviews for Trader Joe’s Earl Grey de la Creme Loose Leaf Black Tea Blend Reviews

  1. Spencer Hargiss

    Tastes like licorice. The flavor is strong, but not unpleasantly so. I found it quite good with or without sugar and with or without milk.

  2. Leilani

    I absolutely LOVE this tea. It smells and taste’s AMAZING. I need to stock this tea before Trader’s gets rid of it. I’ve read alot of reviews online of how horrible it is and, for my sake, keep on not purchasing it. More tea for me!!!! For those who do like the tea, keep buying it so it stays in stock year-round!

  3. Christina

    I find that a cup of this tea smells like strawberry yogurt! It doesn’t exactly taste that way, but the scent has that same fruitiness and milky acidity that strawberry yogurt has. The brewed tea taste is a bit more floral and creamier than a typical citrus-y Earl Grey. It’s a smooth, aromatic and a lovely tea. (I had it plain, without milk or sugar.)

  4. Ashley Megelin

    I live in a city without a Trader Joe’s but one of my coworkers commutes every day and has one in his city. He got our office some Trader Joe’s goodies for Christmas and this tea was one of them. We’ve gone through it really fast because it is so good. We have about 6 or 7 different Earl Grey teas from lots of different companies and this is in the top 2. (The other tied for #1 is Tazo. Harney & Sons is a close third.) We asked our co worker to get some more and we gave him money to do so. He went back and it wasn’t in stock. He’s not sure if they discontinued it or if they were temporarily out.

    I agree with Christina’s review that it does smell a bit yogurty. I hadn’t thought so until I read her review and sniffed it but that’s a really good way to describe it. I don’t know that the scent is strawberry… It is definitely more floral than citrus, though. It’s a very smooth tea and I don’t find it bitter at all, even when over steeped. I haven’t needed to put any sweetener in it like I do sometimes when I do accidentally forget and over steep.

    Really good!

  5. Miriam Kahn

    One of the best earl grey’s I’ve had in a long time. It’s smooth and creamy with a hint of licorice. I went to TJ’s today to purchase more and learned it’s been discontinued. The blend was private label.

    What a shame.
    Will have to continue to purchase my earl greys from other companies.


  6. Michael Kelley

    The tea gets a 5 star Trader’s a 1 star

    I found out that it was discontinued as well. My wife who is a tea drinkers loves this tea. She was really disappointed that Trader’s stopped carrying this product. Been shopping at Trader’s Joe since 1972 (Encino, California) and it’s the first time I have ever written a comment.

  7. Mary Jane Elliott

    Same here! I live in Winston Salem, NC and love this tea, but now it’s off the shelves. Would love to see it come back! Came online to see if there was any other way to buy it!

  8. L. Kores

    Hello, I really REALLY love the Earl Grey De La Creme loose leaf black tea with bergamot. Great flavor, mild and smooth. When I first learned it got discontinued, I found in on Amazon for $8 and immediately bought it. Next week it was selling for $11, and now it’s $44, and $56-59 (!!!) on other sites! Ridiculous. Don’t you think the prices went sky-high because people like this tea? Please reconsider and bring it back.

  9. Anonymous

    Love this tea and disappointed to learn it’s discontinued. I’m hoarding my last package of it. Please bring it back!

  10. Ray

    I agree — please bring this tea back. Why did you discontinue it? Apparently there are many of us who enjoyed it and are disappointed that you have stopped offering it.R

  11. Francesca Jandasek

    MY HUSBAND AND I LOVE THIS TEA!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!! Thank you for your consideration!!

  12. Jan Frank

    This is an amazing earl grey tea. I stopped drinking caffeine for a while but began again this week and went to Trader Joe’s to get my favorite tea – I couldn’t find it anywhere. Is it discontinued? If so, please bring it back! Thank you so much!

  13. T Golderg

    I also loved this tea and am disappointed it is no longer on the shelves at Trader Joe’s. Please bring it back.

  14. T Mullin

    Please, oh please bring this back! It was my favorite Earl Grey ever!

  15. Katie

    Agree… Please bring it back! I was hoping that it would show up for Christmas. So sad that it is no longer back on the shelf.

  16. Samantha

    This tea is delicious. I was so disappointed to learn it had been discontinued. Please bring it back!!

  17. Lisa

    Please bring back this tea! It’s delicious and flavorful. I enjoyed drinking it year-round. It’s one of the best Earl Grey and Bergamot teas that I’ve ever tasted.

  18. Cindy

    I love this tea too! It has a soothe and comforting taste. I hope it does come back. please bring it back. I keep looking for it in stores and would rather buy it from Trader Joes than online.

  19. Dave

    LOVE this tea – upset it is gone.
    Called corporate today, would not tell me who made if for TJs because “they might bring it back.”
    Okay. Then I’ll come back.

    In the meantime though, I’m defecting to Full Leaf Tea Co’s brand. (Let’s see if you publish this!)

  20. Nancy

    Here is it August of 2020, and we still want this tea back!!!! I’ve tried others and nothing compares to the unique flavor. Please listen to us tea drinkers!

  21. Leah

    Please bring this tea back I have been searching for a comparable one everywhere and can’t find it. This is my favorite tea and I gave it as gifts and we are all disappointed it’s discontinued!!!

  22. Saida

    We want the tea back! This is one of the most flavourful earl grey teas I ever tried. Please bring it back!

  23. P Walsh

    Why Joe? Why do you discontinue my favorite things? Please bring this product back! I haven’t been able to find anything that taste quite like it since I ran out of the stockpile I gathered!

  24. KB

    I’m a huge tea drinker and this was, hands down, my favorite earl grey. Managed to grab a bunch before they discontinued it. Please consider bringing it back! It was the best, bar none, tea TJ’s has ever carried. Also enjoyed the german black forest tea.

  25. Randhal

    This was my favorite earl grey. I purchased it as gifts and consumed it daily. I hope TJ brings this back soon. My supply is running low.

  26. Joanna

    Please bring this tea back! It is the best tea ever sold by Trader Joe’s.

  27. Niles

    Please bring this back! I need it!

  28. isha

    I keep my tea in an air tight container and reseal them. I noticed i’m at the end and really want more and I’m finding out it is discontinued. I only have maybe 5 or 6 more servings and then i’m out. Trader Joe’s i’m unhappy about this . Help us all out and bring it back pretty PLEASE!!!!!!

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