Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast Black Tea Reviews

(8 customer reviews)

Comes with 80 bags in the box.


8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast Black Tea Reviews

  1. Wes

    Very bitter tasting. I drink a lot of black tea but this is just too “sour” for my taste. It is a good price though, at only a few dollars for 80 teabags.

  2. Gelato Jill

    This tea is a great cheap brew. Be careful not to over brew it- five minutes is more than enough time. I never drink this without milk.
    It also makes good cold brew iced tea.
    Good budget buy, what else can I say?

    -If you like to make homemade chai, this is a good tea to use since it is like an Assam tea.

  3. Leilani

    Very good. It’s as strong as PG Tips. It’s cheaper too. If you enjoy a strong cuppa of black tea then purchase this. It’s the only black tea, besides Traders Earl Grey’s Loose Leaf tea, I purchase. Definitely worth a try!

  4. Kathleen

    Good breakfast or midday strong tea. The packaging makes it easy to brew one fast as bags are not individually wrapped, seems environmentally friendly. I like it black, and with a pinch of sugar or sweetener.

  5. Dave_P

    I spend time on each side of the US/Canada border. In my experience, on the Canadian side I can walk into any decent-sized store and easily buy tea that’s good enough, but crossing that border somehow causes 99% of generally-available tea to become weak and disgusting. I’m therefore happy to report that this “Trader Joe’s Original Irish Breakfast”, while not fancy or particularly distinguished, is good enough to make me want another cup. I bought it mainly because it was cheap, so I wouldn’t feel bad if I didn’t like it – but now that I’ve tried it, I’ll buy it again.

  6. M walker

    You not only changed the label but the quality of the tea has deteriorated .Sometimes it is better to raise the price and keep the auality

  7. Korinna Teller

    Best black tea around. Strong and flavorful. Can’t go wrong if you like black tea. Especially if you like it with milk.

  8. Violet

    This tea is strong but it’s not very flavorful. The only flavor that comes through is a strong earthy note.

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