Trader Joe’s Black Forest Cupcake Flavored Black Tea Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Black Forest Cupcake Flavored Black Tea Reviews

  1. Benjamin Braun

    I love this tea’s convincing cream-flavored aroma. Overall, the aroma is just as advertised on the tin. The flavor of the tea is light, at least the black tea is hard to taste. That can be a plus, since I could get a friend of mine who doesn’t like tea to drink cups of this happily.

  2. Laura

    This tea smells and tastes very good. Like many people, I am avoiding the sugar, butter, and extra calories that come with desserts, and this tea really satisfies my sweet tooth. Some reviews I’ve read comment on the cherry/hibiscus flavors, licorice flavors… I can’t really distinguish those flavors very well (and I’m actually glad I don’t taste too much cherry), but I agree with the comment that the black tea flavor is light, and the chocolate flavor is just right.

  3. David

    Plain: I can smell and taste the chocolate, and while it’s the only scent and flavor my (perhaps unrefined) senses can detect, it’s not overpowering. The warmth of the tea and pleasant aroma do bring a level of comfort, it’s not at all flavorful enough to quench my sweet tooth.

    Sweetened: as I’m trying to stay away from sugar as much as possible, I used Splenda to sweeten it, and that certainly took care of the sweetness I was looking for. Additionally, flavor-wise, the addition of the sweetener helped my pallet detect the hibiscus and black tea to go with the still-very-present chocolate.

    Sweetened, with a splash of cream: for me, this is definitely the way to drink this tea. The licorice root (assuming it’s supposed to have a licorice flavor) never came through for me, but the addition of the cream gives the chocolate, hibiscus, and black tea flavors a creamy, more robust flavor… like a (light-on-sugar) liquid cupcake.

    Overall impression: Delicious! If it weren’t for the caffeine content, I’d likely be caught drinking this tea multiple times a day.

  4. Indira

    Can this be brought back. Best tea ever. I had purchased in 2017 and I should have stocked up. Available nowhere. Second only to (not trader Joe) moon over Madagascar tea.

  5. Anonymous

    This was my favorite tea ever! Do you think it will be brought back? I would love to order some if so! I have yet to find anything else that compares!

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