Trader Joe’s Dark Pumpernickel Tuscan Pane Bread Reviews

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A stone hearth oven-baked bread made with whole grain rye.

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53 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dark Pumpernickel Tuscan Pane Bread Reviews

  1. S Prinos

    Fantastic taste, and wonderful toasted.

  2. Mary Smith

    LOVE this bread! Bought one loaf and went back the following week hoping to score another 2 or 3 to find none……..just dark sourdough which just isn’t the same, sigh….. Please bring back!!!!

  3. Anne & Agnes Ferris

    Tuscan Dark Pumpernickel Bread was fantastic. Had guests over the holidays – everyweek to TJ’s for more of this bread -all
    loved the bread. Toasted beautifully – tasty sandwiches

    Please consider adding this item to your usual bread selection@!

  4. Tom Rickner

    Was great tasting and low or no sugars. But alas this past week when shopping at TJ’s they were out of it.
    I hope it returns.
    Am still sad that TJ no longer had the onion rye bread.

  5. Margaret Melaney

    February 3, 2017: Adding my vote to bringing back Dark Pumpernickel Tuscan Pane as a regular item. It sold out of our store almost daily.

  6. Nancy

    Delicious!!! If you like the taste of sourdough and also love rye bread, this is the perfect loaf. We have eaten 2 loaves in less than 2 weeks (only 2 people) because once we discovered it, we couldnt stop eating it. It makes a great ham sandwich, a terrific cheese sandwich, tastes good with just butter or cream cheese…. When it wasn’t on the shelf yesterday at my local TJ’s, I felt panicky. What if I run out and can’t get it anymore?!

  7. susan

    Please continue to feature Pumpernickel Bread! Add currants or dark raisins if you wish for additional sales! Reubens would be flying outta there if they were fresh and created in view at lunch or for dinner. Love from customers.

  8. rena

    Need I mention it, but Trader Joe’s is not renown for its breads, but this is the greatest! I had never seen it there before but found it down on the lowest corner of the lowest shelf in the bread department. It’s a very sour pumpernickel and it’s unbelievably good.

  9. Robt

    Makes great toast with just butter. Something about the sourdough tartness mixed with traditional sweet rye makes it uniquely tasty for a pumpernickel. Add some onion and it would be a super Russian rye, please.

  10. ROBIN


  11. juliana astalis

    Love this bread.
    I hope they will stock it all year around.


    I work from home and each day I get a chance to make myself a sandwich for lunch using the Dark Pumpernickel Tuscan Pane, I feel like I’ve just had a restaurant experience no matter the particular type of sandwich. Something about this pumpernickel is done the way psychics would like all their predictions to be — scientifically accurate. Well played, Trader Joe’s.

  13. colonyofcells iamamachine

    It is not whole grain rye. It also has to much salt. For rye bread, I prefer whole grain sprouted unfermented rye bread which as only 1 ingredient: rye. Brand manna organics makes rye manna bread (or rye essene bread).

  14. RR

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this bread. Great in taste and would love to see it all year round. Please do not take it off the shelves. I would love to have it all year round!!!!

  15. Alexa

    I love this bread!!!! Toasted it is the best ever sandwich bread. The taste is so delicious!!! AND OF COURSE TJ’s STOPS SELLING IT. What is wrong with you?! Every time there is something amazing you hook us on it just to take it off the market. I am disappointed Trader Joe’s! I am happy to pay a dollar more if needed. JUST BRING IT BACK!!! And while you on it… bring back the ‚old‘ THAI GREEN CURRY Simmer Sauce too!!! The new one is terrible.

  16. Alan

    TJ. Bring back this bread.!!!! Even your own employees love it.

  17. Louie

    Please TJ’s bring back Dark Pumpernickel Tuscan Pane Bread!!

  18. Linda

    Two of my local stores tell me they are no longer carrying this…so incredibly bummed! My favorite bread!! Gonna go looking for it everywhere else!!!!!

  19. Patty

    I miss this bread so much. It was delicious and my every day go to. Please bring it back. I have not found it anywhere else.

  20. Terry

    Please TJ’s bring back Dark Pumpernickel Tuscan Pane Bread!!

  21. Angie

    Please TJ’s bring back Dark Pumpernickel Tuscan Pane Bread!!

  22. Eduardo

    That was cruel, taking it away once, then making it available for about a year to get everyone’s hopes up. Alas, early 2029 discontinued again. I am so sore about this. This was my go-to bread. From quick sandwiches to a luxurious bed for smoked salmon and avocado. Please bring it back, for real, for good. Why antagonize your customers like this?

  23. Skot

    Trader Joes !
    – I LOVE Tuscan Pane Dark Pumpernickel.

    I had literally stopped eating bread because of empty sugar calories. I was SO happy when I discovered THIS bread!

    It is the PERFECT Bread. PERFECT for Avocado Toast.

    4 Grams Protein — ZERO Saturated Fat — ZERO Trans Fat — ZERO Cholesterol — ZERO Sugars !
    — And SOMEHOW, has an amazing SWEET flavor. !!

    All this great bread needed — kneaded : ) — was to have these amazing features PROMOTED .

    PLEASE bring it back
    THANK YOU !!

  24. Pat

    I too love this bread. It’s the best when you toast it, put avocado, tomatoes and fresh baby spinach on it! I went to get another loaf the other day and surprise, they don’t stock it anymore. I asked at the desk and they said they are having a cost issue with the supplier so just MAYBE if they can work things out agreeably between both parties it will come back again. Fingers crossed!!

  25. Pat

    I forgot to mention in my above posting that I would be willing to pay more if they would bring it back, it’s that good!

  26. Willy Kehler

    Best bread ever will it come back

  27. Teresa Sullivan

    I LOVED this bread so much!!!
    Sadly I know longer drive the extra distance to trader Joe’s since they stopped carrying the pumpernickel bread.


  28. JK

    I too LOVED LOVED LOVED this bread!! I would really appreciate l you to reconsider bringing it back as a YEAR ROUND item. If not then I can live with it being seasonal….but gotta have it!! Can’t help it… its my German genes!!

  29. Jen

    I truly miss this bread! It was a staple in our household since it’s one of the healthiest breads one can buy. Please bring it back!

  30. Josh

    Possibly the best bread ever available at Trader Joe’s.

    Never in stock because it always sold out (even though it was practically hidden on the bottom shelf).

    So what is the most logical move??? …To get rid of it of course!!!

    Absolutely unbelievable – and I’ve seen this done SOOO many times at TJ’s.

  31. Kurt Berg

    Great bread! I live in Pasadena and shop at the original Trader Joe’s store. This bread disappeared over a year ago, but I just returned from Washington DC and found the bread stocked in a Trader Joe’s there. Alas, I did not find it stocked when I returned home. Is this a regional thing?


    I like any pumpernickel bread..
    I like caraway seeds…
    I like wonderful things..

    Please buy and try this rocks…

  33. Magdalena

    Loved this Dark Pumpernickel Tuscan Pane Bread, please bring it back

  34. Richard John Roberts

    Best pumpernickel or rye I have ever had! I can’t remember how many other kinds I have purchased only to be disappointed. Please carry this forever or give me the recipe.

  35. Lynn

    Last month at Trader Joe’s, the bread-stocking guy said he’d heard TJ was stopping making the Tuscan Pane Dark Pumpernickel. I bought the 2 loaves they had, and froze them. Its the only item that lures me to the store since covid set in.
    I’ve tried baking pumpernickel but it’s never like TJs. Can anyone suggest a recipe?

  36. Ken H

    So sad to see it discontinued. One of my favorite breads from Trader Joe’s

  37. Anna G

    Please bring it back. Not sure where I can buy it again. If anyone has any idea please let me know. Thank you so much

  38. Dzmitry

    Best bread out there!! please bring it back!!!!

  39. Sergey

    Please bring it back!!!!!!

  40. Lorien

    A friend turned me on to the pumpernickel over the winter. I bought one loaf, then immediately went back and bought 2 more to freeze. It’s amazing and is my go-to bread for everything now. Or, at least it was, since it seems that it’s no longer being stocked. 🙁 I tried the black sour rye in it’s place and it doesn’t even come close. Trader Joe’s, bring back this bread!!! We’re dying here!

  41. Trix

    I am sooo sad to see they let this go!! I have loved it for years. Please bring it back!!

  42. Frank

    Great bread, why aren’t you stocking it????

  43. Leslie Geballe

    Please bring back the dark pumpernickel Tuscan pane. It is a standout among all breads. Devastating that TJ stopped carrying it.

  44. Kathleen

    Please please please PUHLEEZE bring back the Tuscan Pane dark sourdough rye! Why has it been discontinued wien it has such a huge following. When I was told it was being discontinued I bought the four on the shelf and went back the next day and bought four more. If I had a stand alone freezer I would have gone to all the area TJ and bought more!
    Since then, I have tried oodles of breads and cannot find anything I like. Plus the TJ Tuscan Pane did NOT upset my stomach or bloat me.
    Please bring it back!!!! Its one of the few good things left of Portland Oregon. =)

  45. brix

    yes please bring back the dark pumpernickel tuscan! i had been searching at all trader joes in the bay area…without much success 🙁 soooo…sad to hear its being discontinued again!

  46. Joe woodbury

    Can’t blame cargo ships for this blunder. It’s the best bread especially lightly toasted I’ve ever had and just learned TJ’s discontinued it. I’ll find it somewhere else.

  47. Anonymous

    The very best bread I’ve ever eaten. I would purchase 4-5 loaves at a time to keep in the freezer.
    So sad to see it was discontinued.
    Please please bring it back!!!!

  48. GED

    This tuscan pane pumpernickel was by far the best I ever had. I couldn’t believe it when I was told it was discontinued. What’s worse, there is no other rye bread option! That’s just weird for a market not to have a rye bread.

  49. Kevin

    Best ever. Omaha TJs always seems to be out of it. Love this bread. Please don’t discontinue !

  50. Beryl

    We have been eating this for several years, however this last loaf when toasted had a very distinct and unpleasant smell. We keep it in the freezer and take one piece each morning. Has anyone else experienced this?

  51. Leta Edelson

    The last few loaves definitely are different from those the past several years. A strong sour taste that I dont like at all. This used to be my favorite bread. Pls bring back the old recipe!

  52. Debi

    I live in Wisconsin. I visited New York state and had the BEST bread ever…Trader Joe’s Dark Pumpernickel Tuscan Pane. I actually purchased a carry on bag so I could bring some home. I split the loaves into 1/2 to freeze them and guard them like gems….What were you thinking to discontinue this piece of gourmet delight? REALLY.

  53. Debi

    I live in Wisconsin. I visited New York state and had THE BEST bread ever….Trader Joe’s Dark Pumpernickel Tuscan Pane. I actually purchased a carry on bag so I could fly back with several of these culinary delights. I split them up and froze them, guarded them like gems and doled them out frugally. What in the world were you thinking to discontinue these? By the way my husband and I make bread and have never come close…. c’mon. You’ve gotten so many of us hooked on this unique savory heaven. What do you need to bring it back???

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