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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Pain Pascal Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Why is it not whole wheat?

  2. Sam

    Yes, it seems they silently changed the recipe and size while keeping the price unchanged. No more for me. This was my favorite bread but no more. Shame on you trader joes.

  3. colonyofcells

    I prefer the petit pain pauline which is whole grain. The pain pascal is not as whole grain as the petit pain pauline.

  4. Brit

    I love this whole grain pain pascal! Doesn’t taste like whole wheat, but it is ( which makes it even better!)…
    This is my favorite bread soft (not dry at all!) with a chewy crust (or crunchy when toasted), little air pockets and it’s perfectly and simply flavored from its flour starter… like a sourdough but softer and better texture with a more subtle flavor… Love

  5. Tiffany P.

    This bread is absolutely amazing! I just came across it and tried it for the first time and it’s my new favorite for toast. It almost tastes like a sourdough, which I love. The ingredients are super clean. I’ve been eating it toasted with TJ’s raw almond butter, black figs, honey, and flake salt! Also great for avocado toast.

  6. Yeshi

    I love this bread. It is sour, soft and tasteful. The only reservation I have is it tends to have a lot of salt for my test. Another thing I liked about it was the grass tie it used to come with. I still keep a couple of those and still use them. TraderJoes, please bring it back and get rid of the plastic clip. Thanks

  7. challah back girlie

    toasted drizzled w/evoo…delicioso

  8. AP

    What happened – it suddenly shrunk to a small dense (and boring) bread instead of the bigger crusty and airy loaf I have been buying for years. Same weight – I checked – just a small dense and less tasty alternative.

  9. DP

    tastes like sourdough but does not toast well or get crispy in the toaster.. disappointed

  10. Tetyana Раtsula

    The best bread ever! Please, do not discontinue it! We want to see it again in Trader Joe’s…

  11. KJ

    Haven’t been to TJ for several years. $3.69 … 28 oz / 799 g. Bought at end of the day, says baked fresh daily, but sorry to say mine is rather dry. Nice worker there saw me holding it and thinking, she said it is a good bread and fresher being not sliced. I’ve pulled pieces out by hand, dug toward the middle… dry. Perhaps better toasted I suppose. Chocolate covered coffee beans at 99 cents are very good, I hadn’t tried them before.

  12. EG

    Super dry, drenched in flour, nasty fiber added, catastrophic for IBS and GETD, crust air and fiber, crumbles after one day and medium setting toast. Not the chewy honest dark bread it used to be.

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