Trader Joe’s Kona Coffee Half-Dipped Shortbread Cookies Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Kona Coffee Half-Dipped Shortbread Cookies Reviews

  1. Wes

    These cookies are excellent, and even better when eaten with coffee or tea. I’m not normally a big fan of coffee-flavored things, but the Kona coffee taste in these is really good. I love that they’re just half-dipped — sometimes it’s a bit too much when cookies are completely frosted, so that halfway point was nice.

    The cookies themselves are buttery, and crumbly in the best way. The frosting is creamy and unique. Great cookies!

  2. Lena

    I just tried these at my friend’s house, and I’ll have to buy some of my own one of these days! They were really good – I haven’t had any cookies that tasted quite like these before with the coffee kick, and I loved them.

  3. Neyra Rosa

    These cookies knocked my socks off!! The flavor just exploded in my moth and I want to run around shoving them in peoples mouths!!! AOmG Omg Sooo GOOOWAD!!

    Trader Joes Emeryville ROCKS!!

  4. Caitlin

    Not a big fan. I think the icing is a little overpoweringly sweet, and the coffee mixed into the shortbread doughy makes it weirdly grainy/gritty.

  5. Anonymous

    These are SUPER GOOD!! But where have they gone??? I always bought these when I shopped there, then one day, poof, gone! 🙁

  6. MsBlucher

    Please, PLEASE consider bringing this superb cookie back – at least as a ‘winter holiday period’ special, like your Panettone. The contrast of the classic rich, sandy-textured shortbread cookie with the sweet, creamy half-dip coating (both generously spiked with enough real coffee to make this NOT the best idea for late-night snacking if you need to sleep!) made them an irresistible adult treat. I can see how the coffee coating would have been problematic in warm weather – since it melts above 75° F – but considering that I saw them selling out at $40 a box on eBay two months ago I think you’re turning your backs on a uniquely delicious product…just sayin’.

  7. MsBlucher

    (Sorry, my bad: they were going for $20/box, not $40 – but hey, still a rare indulgence which would be something to look forward to at holiday time!)

  8. Bea

    I so love these cookies. They are unbelievably delicious!!! Just the right balance if ingredients!!!! Please bring them back AND please keep the Crispy Crunchy Ginger Chunk Cookies in stock as well!!!

  9. Maggie Harvey

    I just got back from my Local Trader Joes where I went to buy A supply of cookies…say it isn’t so, not carrying anymore ??
    I was in a frenzy and forgot to buy half of what I went in for


  10. Maggie Harvey

    Say it isn’t so…I’m in a frenzy!! I forgot to buy half of what I went for when I found out you were no longer carrying them.


  11. Maggie M.

    Please please consider bringing these delicious cookies back

  12. Cheri F

    I wish you would bring these back, they were the best cookie out there, especially with Coffee. You would make one happy customer!

  13. Maxwell Hunter

    Really liked these cookies.

  14. Kris

    The shortbread cookie itself was your standard shortbread cookie and could use more cream. The bits of kona were gritty and bitter. Discontinued? Fine by me.

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