Trader Joe’s Classic Bitters Reviews

(7 customer reviews)

Add to alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, or sprinkle over fruit or ice cream.

Ingredients: water, alcohol (40%), spices, and natural flavor.


7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Classic Bitters Reviews

  1. Kris

    Not good. I only get strong notes of clove and spice.

  2. Anonymous

    chinese 5 spice. nice flavor for an old fashioned.

  3. Dennis Johnson

    Had to throw it out.
    Sorry Trader Joe’s, I usually I’m a real fan but this stuff is not good. angostura bitters is the right real thing.

  4. jules

    like wow! maybe they use clove or allspice, havent read any reviews, but love it lots! good job blenders!
    kinda makes md want to run to my nearest Sbux roastery to see if they can make me somthing with bitters like this!

  5. Cocktail Lady

    Wow! Great basic bitters for the price. A couple of drops is all you need.

  6. Rocky

    A very nice blend. Much better than the basic standard fare. Good price.

  7. Mark W

    Tasty and tres affordable for a minority report in a drink.

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