Trader Joe’s Cilantro and Jalapeño Hummus Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cilantro and Jalapeño Hummus Reviews

  1. Suzanne

    The best! Super yummy! Nice kick…won’t blow your head off.

  2. Wes

    This was way different than I expected. I thought it was going to be similar to the cilantro hummus in TJ’s “Three Layer Hummus,” but it was completely different. It’s definitely spicy, and the jalapeno taste overwhelms the cilantro for me. I do like jalapenos, but this hummus isn’t one I would buy again; the taste wasn’t as “smooth” as I had hoped.

  3. JD

    I can’t get enough of it!

  4. Anonymous

    It’s interesting, not too spicy, and has almost a curry flavor to me, although there is no curry spice in it that i’m aware of.

  5. tash

    I would agree – tastes like curry or very indian flavors.

  6. Anonymous

    It’s tasty but tastes overwhelmingly like curry. That’s not what I wanted when I purchased this.

  7. Brianna

    It wasn’t terrible but wouldn’t buy again. Not bad, definitely tastes like curry more than it does hummus. It’s a weird experience.

  8. Shalisha Alston

    I love it. I had to add some pink himalayan salt to it in order to make it pop. But this is amazing stuff. First time trying it. I love Trader Joe’s.

  9. Chris

    This is the best store bought hummus I’ve had. Super flavorful and the texture is very creamy. So good thank you Trader Joe’s!

  10. Sam Brown

    Texture is weird, flavor is off. Into the trash it goes.

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