Trader Joe’s Chocolate Pecan Pie Bar Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chocolate Pecan Pie Bar Reviews

  1. Renee Tucker

    Tried a sample, excellent! had the same feeling as the kreugal.. Bought 2!!

  2. Melaine Sprigler

    Oh My Goodness! Bought one for “thanksgiving dinner for two” with my guy. Warm it up, add some fresh whip cream or vanilla ice cream, and you will find it hard to stop at just one serving. This is a winner!

  3. Baker

    This is pretty great, if you like chocolate pecan pie. If pecan pie is too sweet for you, then give it a pass.

    I was a little disappointed in the crust, which seemed slightly overbrowned. It didn’t have quite the flavor that I had hoped for.

  4. Miss Faye

    Yum, I got one that was generously donated to my local food pantry. It was 30 days past the expiration date and yet it was scrumptious. The crust was brown and just right the pecans were toasted and the chocolate was dark and sweet. I love, love, loved it. I am looking forward to tasting it nice and fresh! Yummy!!!

  5. TimothySteag

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  6. TJlovah

    Sampled it today. OMG!!! I am pretty much off sugar, but if I suddenly found out I had terminal cancer I would drive to TJs and buy one of these and eat the whole darn thing. Pure heaven!!!

  7. anonymous fan

    This is amazing, delicious, and very hard to stop eating once you start!

    Really yummy flavors, crust, everything………the best chocolate pecan pie I have had.

    I recommend it a lot!!!

  8. j

    THESE are DELICIOUS!!! BUT discontinued as of 2021 due to low sales. What!!??? How is that possible?? Trader Joe’s needs to give this another chance AND let people know about them. I stumbled upon them one day when exploring the bakery section a bit a couple years ago. I only got to enjoy them for 2 years sadly but happily at least 2 years. PLEASE bring these back. They freeze really well so I suggest stocking up if they bring them back since they are only available for limited time in Fall. Trader Joe’s should have “Stock up Freezes well” on packaging to increase sales also only available for fall/short time. Perhaps offer free samples and or make sure to list it in the Flyer. These almost taste like a decadent chocolate chip cookie to me. The flavors are perfect, the chocolate, the crust, the pecans all so good! I too warm it up and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream but it is also good on its own. A small slice is sufficient to satisfy.

  9. j

    I encourage people to contact TJ’s and request the be brought back, they are THAT good!

  10. SMH

    One of my most favorite desserts! Yes, they DO freeze well, if they last that long! Delicious. Please, Trader Joe’s , Bring THese chocolate pecan pie bars back!!!!

  11. ChocolatePecanPieLover

    10/10. Every year before Thanksgiving, I am already buying these. I always looked forward to eating this pie. IT WAS LITERALLY SO DELICIOUS. MY SISTER AND I LOVED IT SO MUCH. This year, I did not know that it was discontinued. So I was calling so many different Trader Joe’s locations asking if they had them in stock, and everyone was saying no, until one location told me they were discontinued forever 🙁 please bring it back!!!!!!

  12. Bea

    @traderjoes please bring them BACK!!! I love these and they are so perfect for the holidays.

  13. Kate

    These are the absolute best! I cry every holiday season when I realize they are not coming back! TJ’s, please bring them back!!!!

  14. Aurora

    We loved it @TraderJoe’s please BRING THEM BACK!

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