Trader Joe’s Chili Pepper Sauce Reviews

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65 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chili Pepper Sauce Reviews

  1. Mary Jane

    Very good flavor, very spicy, hot – but not SUPER hot! Great on scrambled eggs! TJs also sells another Pepper Sauce right next to it, which is also very good – I usually buy both!

    2 thumbs up from a Texan!

    I am now living in VIrginia – it is probably WAY too hot for a typical Virginian…..who tends to think that Mild Pace Picante sauce is too hot…..:)

  2. Judi Krause

    My husband LOVES this sauce because, not only is the flavor exceptionally good, but it has NO SODIUM. He’s very salt-sensitive and this hot sauce lets him have as much as he wants with no A-fib after-effects. Strangely, I haven’t been able to find it in our Warwick, RI, store. Is there a web site where I can order it? PLEASE…..

  3. Disappointed in NYC

    I LOVE THIS CHILLI PEPPER SAUCE!! I was extremely disappointed to learn today that it has been discontinued!!! This product is my “secret ingredient” in my sauces that my family raves about! I’m down to my last few drops, which is why I went to TJ’s for another bottle. WHY WAS IT DISCONTINUED??? And it it possible for me to get at least one more bottle somewhere???

  4. Tibor Spoon

    An excellent hot sauce. Flavorful, with a good woody heat to it. I have this on chicken and rice, or eggs or an avocado. If this sauce is discontinued, I don’t like the other hot sauces Trader Joe’s currently offers.

  5. Pam

    We love this chili pepper sauce! My husband is on a low sodium diet. This sauce has 0 sodium, but lots of flavor. It’s been a lifesaver for us. I can’t tell you how disappointed we are that its discontinued. Please bring it back.

  6. Richard

    I put this sauce on absolutely everything. My favorite by far. Please bring it back!!

  7. Ivan

    Why did they discontinue this product? It definitely wasn’t for the lack of sales, it always sold out.

    Please bring it back!!!

  8. Chris

    Very disappointed that this was discontinued. I used this sauce for everything. Best no sodium hot sauce on the market. I would even pay double what they were charging if they’d bring it back in stores.

  9. O Jones

    The sauce was recommended by a dietitian at the hospital for my husband who has a heart condition. Because of no sodium he’s able to eat as much as he likes. I went to Trader Joe’s last Sunday and they were out and informed me it was discontinued. Please bring this back for those of us who cannot have salt in our diets so we can continue to enjoy our meals also.

  10. Randy Collazo

    Please bing this chili sauce back. It’s been my favorite for years!

  11. Harry Logan

    Best hot sauce I have ever tasted. I but TJ chili pepper sauce 5 bottles at a time. Please bring it BACK.

  12. Harry Logan

    Best mild tasting hot sauce I have ever tasted. 5 stars

  13. Jessica M

    Came in to the Thousand Oaks store to buy my usual dozen or so when I’m down from Alaska visiting my family. It is the perfect sauce for burrito bowls, avo toast–so versatile! They said it was discontinued. I am so bummed! What happened? Please bring it back!

  14. Stewart L

    This stuff is wonderful. It has great flavor and the perfect heat. I always buy several bottles at a time. I ran out a couple of months ago and have kept looking around the store waiting for the next load to arrive. Just googled and found out in has been discontinued. So sad. I have all the other TJ sauces too. None of them can hold a candle to the TJ Chili Pepper sauce. ;-(

  15. Cheryl Johnson

    This is the ONLY NO SODIUM sauce in any market. I am very sensitive to sodium and the inability to breathe and heart palpitations are enough to keep me terrified of all other store salsas. They can make all the other low salt [bunch of hooey] they want, I WILL NOT BUY IT. I bought this one several bottles at a time. My only alternative is making my own salsa [shoot me please]. It is the only reason I have to go to TJ’s [the other products all have salt added]. I can get produce at 99cent store, no reason to go to TJ’s without this.

  16. Emmai

    Love this hot sauce! I’m so disappointed that it’s been discontinued. It’s nearly impossible to find any hot sauce that isn’t loaded with sodium, and impossible to find any with none. This didn’t only have 0 sodium, but it tasted amazing!

  17. Alan

    best chili pepper sauce out there. Moderately hot but with a really nice fruitiness. It is the best possible thing to go with the Trader Joe’s mac and cheese not to mention eggs, burritos, tacos, and well anything you would like a nice hot sauce on. So happy to see it back on the shelves I just got 6 so I can stock up in case they discontinue it again.

  18. Kirby Weaver

    Please bring it back or tell us who makes it for you so we can buy else where. It was the only good sauce you have.

  19. Scott Kladke

    I was so bummed when it was discontinued, thank you TJ’s for listening to your customers and bringing it back!!!

  20. Lolo

    Please don’t discontinue this sauce ever again!

  21. Alana

    Why was this discontinued!? 0 sodium hot sauce and it was DELICIOUS. I would put it on almost everything I ate.


  22. Corey J. Feldman

    We need people to fill this out and get this sauce back!

  23. Scott Magane

    Please everyone who loves this product or has high blood pressure let Trader Joe’s know how you feel by clicking the link above from the previous review! I use this on everything … Here was my feedback: I’m so upset I have not seen this sauce recently at any of the stores I shop. Are you aware this is the only readily available no sodium hot sauce on the market and how many customers rely on this. It moves off the shelf fast and has 5 star reviews on your website? One to 2 Billion people suffer from high blood pressure the number one killer in the world and the fda announced they are decreasing sodium standards for foods sold in years to come why not stay ahead and help your customers live heart healthy lives now. Please please bring this back asap it’s a win win. Why not put no salt on the label like your great no salt salsa and chips which also sell well!

  24. Carol Weiss

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hot sauce. I heard it got some not so good reviews and really don’t understand why. I hope that’s why it’s been discontinued. It’s AMAZING. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  25. Diane Baldridge

    Love this sauce. I buy it for my mom, me, my niece, my son and more. The best sauce ever. Healthy and delicious

  26. Carolyn Leonard

    I have high blood pressure and was so hurt when I found out this Chili pepper sauce had been discontinued. It was the one sauce I could put on everything and not worry about the sodium.
    PLEASE bring it back.

  27. Robert

    I agree with Alana, Lolo, Corey, Scott and Carolyn (and many others)…this is the one sauce for those who need to limit sodium. It is the best and I will never understand who makes decisions for their products. Time & time again, the very best products are discontinued. If your only resource is profit margin, you will eventually fail. Please understand something…my wife & I live in the land of hot sauce…Mexico. Yet, we go to the US every year and stock up on this. We were heartbroken to find out it was discontinued.

  28. Ed

    How can this be discontinued? Everyone on earth likes this stuff. Literally the biggest reason I used to shop at TJ’s.

  29. Nic Olson

    What are you thinking Trader Joe’s?! Please, please bring this sauce back. It is the best chili pepper sauce with an incredible balance of flavor that cannot be substituted by any other. It had been discontinued once before and brought back because of so many that absolutely love this product. We implore you – please bring this tremendous chili sauce back!

  30. Jason K.

    I put this hot sauce on everything and normal buy 4-5 at a time. It has the best flavor of any hot sauce I’ve ever tried – not too spicy, not too vinegary, not too salty, simply perfect. I am absolutely heartbroken to learn it has recently been discontinued. I would’ve bought 100 more last time I was at TJ’s had I know it was being discontinued. I just love this stuff so much! Pleeeeeeeeease, Trader Joe’s, reverse your decision and bring back your Chili Pepper Hot Sauce asap, I beg you!

  31. Anonymous

    Please, please, bring this hot sauce back. It’s the hot sauce my husband can eat. WHY would you discontinue a favorite for many customers!!!! This is so disappointing!!

  32. John

    Please, please, bring this hot sauce back. It’s the hot sauce my husband can eat. WHY would you discontinue a favorite for many customers!!!! This is so disappointing!!

  33. Anonymous

    I really need this hot sauce!!! It was my favorite. Please bring it back!!!!

  34. S Berg

    Please bring this back!!! It’s the best hot sauce and nothing compares to it. Please. Your other hot sauces are pretty bad. This is the keeper, the winner. Please please please don’t take this brilliant product away!

  35. Sarah

    BRING. IT. BACK!!!! Everyone wants this back!

  36. Sarah

    BRING. IT. BACK!!!! Everyone wants this back! It’s the best hot sauce for people who don’t want tons of sodium or sugar in their food!

  37. Jack

    I basically quit going to Trader Joe’s since they discontinued this. That’s how important it was to me!

  38. James Taylor

    Sorry to hear my all time favorite is discontinued. My salsa will never be the same. I hope they will bring it back.

  39. Anonymous

    I cannot live without this sauce. Taco’s will never be the same. :'(

  40. Mark Giuliano

    This is my favorite pepper sauce. Every 3 or 4 months I would make the trip to Trader Joe’s because I had run out. Sure, I might buy a few other things, but now that it has been discontinued, I don’t have the need to go to the store.

  41. Steve

    Super bummer this is disconnected!!! I used to get at 5 to 10 bottles each time I went. Used it on everything. Hope they bring it back again

  42. MD Kelly

    Cant believe they would discontinue this when so many people stock up on it and use it religiously. Please bring it back. I filled out the form!!

  43. Marty

    Bring this back for all the heart patients that need to watch their sodium !!! I would order 10 cases if you bring this back. I have one bottle left I refuse to open!!!!

  44. Maryann Pellegrino

    This sauce is the best -I too am on a low sodium diet -please please bring it back !!!!

  45. Anonymous

    We can’t believe this chili pepper sauce has been discontinued- why on earth Trader Joe’s?! It’s the best chili pepper sauce ever! I mean the absolute very best EVER! Please bring this back for everyone to enjoy! Please!

  46. Ron Kula

    I purchased many bottles right after it was discontinued. Sadly I am down to my last bottle which as an exp date of 2/23.
    I really loved this chili pepper sauce, not super hot, no sodium, no added sugars. The new sweet chili sauce is not as good, please bring back this product, thank you.

  47. Mitch

    Best sauce ever!
    PLEASE bring it back

  48. Duane

    Wonderful flavor with no salt! Great stuff.
    Please either bring it back or tell us who made it for you. Finding favorites discontinued is FRUSTRATING

  49. Mikayel

    Bring it back please!

  50. jimmy

    Please bring it back. This was the best. I’ve been unable to find anything as good at any store.

  51. Robert

    I simply cannot believe it has been discontinued. We used to put this on almost everything. When we moved to Mexico, we always made sure to stock up when we would visit the US and mule several bottles back down with us. It is heartbreaking to learn it’s no longer available.

  52. Scott

    One of the BEST products at Trader Joes. I have to watch my salt intake and this had no sodium. SO SO Sad this is discontinued yet again. WHY????

  53. Deborah

    Love this! Our family of 6 all eat this regularly. Can’t find it anymore and was told it was discontinued. WHY??? No sodium and great flavor. Please don’t discontinue this…

  54. Dave Mac

    Please bring back this sauce! One of my faves.

  55. Ed

    Our favorite Hot Sauce of all time! Why in the name of all hat is Holy did this get discontinued? Not only is it perfectly delicious, it is sodium-free! Are you kidding me? Now, it’s n/a? PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!

  56. Ed

    All *that is Holy. typo

  57. Ed

    All *that is Holy. typo

  58. Steve

    This is wonderful stuff. I dump in the whole bottle when I make a batch of chili. How can Trader Joe’s cancel something so popular? BRING IT BACK!!!

  59. Stan

    Have searched Trader Joe’s site, Amazon and eBay before finding out this is discontinued. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – BRING IT BACK!

  60. Austin

    Please, please, please bring this sauce back!!! It was the only low sodium hot sauce carried by any grocer. I literally go down the sauce isle every week just to see if it has returned.

  61. Ryan

    PLEASE bring this sauce back! I discovered the Chili Pepper Sauce when we lived near a Trader Joe’s. Even after moving, we would make a trip to Trader Joe’s just to stock up on this sauce! I would go through a bottle a month! I have tried numerous potential replacements with no luck. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!

  62. Jay

    Bring it back!!! The people have spoken!

  63. Blessed mama

    Best zero sodium hot sauce! Totally bummed it was discontinued again!!! Found one last bottle in our cabinet and should have sold it on Hope it comes back on the market! Also ticked off that I can’t get their No salt added Marinara!

  64. Paul

    I had 5 bottles and I’m on my last one. Went to buy more and it’s discontinued?!?!?! This is THE BEST Chili Sauce, and no salt!! Bring it back and get rid of something else if you need shelf-space. Like ANYTHING else.

  65. jim giano

    please bring this back!!! as one of the millions of people who have high blood pressure and hyper tension, limiting sodium intake is a crucial part of my diet. This product was the main reason my meals had any flavoring. This is an important part of so many peoples well-being, and you have discontinued a product that you were the only option, basically you had cornered the market. just from a business standpoint, it seems like an unusual decision.

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