Trader Joe’s Chicken & Cranberry Recipe Bites Dog Treats Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chicken & Cranberry Recipe Bites Dog Treats Reviews

  1. doug

    My little service dog Cinnamon who just turned 15 in Oct 2019 absolutely loved these treats. Of course it might be my ADHD but i would buy 1 bag of each kind of dog treat & then mix them 2gether in a 2 or 2.5 gal baggie depending on what I had handy at the time. Obviously the large jerky pieces had to be cut down to size as well as the chicken & brown rice 4mula sticks etc. Everything was easy to break down in size except those chicken jerky strips. But that’s what HD scissors are for. And from there I’d put a handful in a quart baggie for easy carry convenience. I say all this bc even tho it’d be a surprise what I’d pull out each time, there was absolutely no doubt that she loved those hard chicken jerky chunks i cut from the strips… AND those hard chicken & cranberry recipe pieces. She might be old & missing her 4 front upper teet. But she still loves chewing… sometimes to her own demise as occasionally she’d yelp as she but something that might chip a tooth or cut her gums. But i used to buy a bag of those pig ears at Costco & i had enough difficulty trying to just cut a piece off w a tin snips or hacksaw. I’d no sooner give her a fairly good size chunk of pig ear & she’d turn around & look at me like “where’s the rest?” & I’d be like looking around thinking there’s no way she chewed thru all that in like a minute… until i actually watched her & sure enuff. That little Poodle Chihuahua Chinese Crested Powder Puff chewed thru that like it was butter!
    Anyways getting back to the point of this review… I don’t know if you can imagine how disappointed I was when i came back to Trader Joe’s to refill on dog treats, only to find out that they stopped making these. No warning (that I was aware of… it would have been nice if they had a big sign “WE ARE NO LONGER GOING TO BE MAKING THIS.” That way I could’ve loaded up on them.
    Oh well. They were gr8 while they lasted.

  2. peggy

    These were both of my dogs favorite treat!!! Please bring them back in stock….
    But if you could make them in a smaller size they would last longer.

  3. Peggy

    These were both of my dog’s favorite treat!!! Please bring them back!….
    Maybe make an option of ½ or ⅓ of the size of the tootsie roll. I had to cut the entire bag into thirds for my little dogs. I didn’t care. They love these!

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