Trader Joe’s Cave Aged Blue Cheese Reviews

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Aged in caves in Minnesota; typically aged for around 75 days.


7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cave Aged Blue Cheese Reviews

  1. Anonymous


  2. stevenp

    Nice and creamy, good flavor, not overly pungent. Great for people who don’t like “super-stinky” cheeses.

  3. John

    This is our favorite blue cheese.

  4. Joseph and Karen Moore

    This is our favorite blue cheese. It has a nice balance of creamy texture and perfect blue cheese flavor without being overly “stinky.” Moreover, as is the case with so many of Trader Joe’s branded products, it is fairly priced.

  5. Jeanne

    Really glad I found this cheese. I think the label should say it’s cave aged in Minnesota. I searched the internet to answer that question. It’s also not too salty, which puts it high on my list for flavor. I tolerate salt, but most blues need to be paired with something to cut the salt.

  6. Neil Hunt

    Happily surprised me as I’m just back in CA from France & Italy having tasted some fine cheeses. Excellent flavor & texture & less salty than many! And the price is right for sure!

  7. Joe

    A mediocre blue. Too crumbly and you can tell it’s not aged long. The flavors aren’t sharp enough and no depth. The TJs cambozola is a much better choice.

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