Trader Joe’s Blue Cheese Roasted Pecan Dip Reviews

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78 reviews for Trader Joe’s Blue Cheese Roasted Pecan Dip Reviews

  1. D. Hurley

    I didn’t like the flavor of this dip. I had hoped to, but somehow the pecan and blue cheese didn’t taste right together. eh.

  2. Charles Herold

    I have loved blue cheese dip my whole live, but sadly it is not popular and rarely found in grocery stores. So I was thrilled to discover TJs version, which is as good as the dip Breakstones discontinued decades ago. It is wonderful with potato chips.

    Tragically, I have dietary issues involving both pecans and potatoes that have forced me to stop eating this (I wish they’d put out a pecan-less version I could eat with crackers). It breaks my heart. This was, when I could eat it, one of the best things TJ had.

  3. Anonymous

    If you are a fan of blue cheese, you will really like this. It has a wonderful blue cheese taste without being dry. I did think it needed more pecans, so I improvised and dipped pecans in it

  4. Gerardo de la Concha

    Great dip, but cannot find it anymore in my chulavista Ca. Store, where can I fond it!!!!!!
    We all love it and bought it for years and years

  5. Clark

    I have served this up at our singing chorus’s afterglow for years to rave reviews. Now it seems to have been discontinued. We observed a moment of silence.Please bring it back!

  6. Don

    Who else sells it!!!!!!

  7. Mimi

    This is a family favorite and I was very disappointed to find that it is no longer available at my local TJs. It seems to have been replaced by a jalapeno version, which we tried but did not like.

  8. Tim

    Bring back the blue cheese pecan dip!! We loved it.

  9. Patricia Tweedy

    Please bring back the Blue Cheese Roasted Pecan Dip to the Austin, Texas stores. I served this dip for several parties and it was the best part of our feast. You might advertise it with an inshore tasting. I am sure once people try the dip they will be addicted. According to friends and relatives, not having it during the holidays was a big disappointment.

  10. Britt

    Please bring back the blue cheese roasted pecan dip!!! It was a family favorite!!! I drove 30 mins today just to get it and to my surprise and sadness they told me it was discontinued!!! What a shame!

  11. Joe Mesabe

    The black bean taquitos were discontinued too, or at least that’s what the store is saying. Moral: Don’t get hooked on TJ’s stuff as it may be gone tomorrow. Best to find another source if you can.

  12. Giovanna

    Love this dip! TJ’s needs to bring it back asap… please. 🙂

  13. Carol

    Sadly I too just found out it was discontinued. One of the main reasons I even go to TJ. Booooo!

  14. Marty West

    Pecan Blue Cheese Dip has been my must-have party food for at least a decade. How can I watch the Super Bowl with out it?!?!?!

    Please bring it back or at least post a copy cat recipe so I can recreate it with TJ blue cheese,TJ pecans, TJ cream cheese, TJ sour cream eat with TJ ridge cut potato chips…..

  15. Jennifer

    Please bring it back!

  16. Laurie Craig

    I’m repeating previously posted sentiments here. Bring back the blue cheese pecan dip! It was a staple at our family/friend get togethers. Tried the jalapeno lime almond dip and had to add hot pepper flakes to get it to taste like something, anything. It’s pretty bland. Won’t buy it again.

    Please bring back the blue cheese pecan dip!

    Thank you,
    A frequent TJ shopper

  17. Karrie

    RIP!! Please resurrect the blue cheese pecan dip!!

  18. Lori

    Please bring it back. So yummy & so addictive. I would buy 2 at a time .

  19. Jenny

    I miss this dip so very much…. AND the lil Edamame crackers that I served it with.

  20. Dee Brothers


  21. Tom

    I loved this dip with their sea salt pita chips. Please bring it back

  22. Kelly

    My all time favorite item at Trader Joe’s has been discontinued?? What?? This is SO sad. PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back!!!!

  23. Dan Deboer

    I loved that dip. Very disappointed that it is no longer in the store. Wish somebody could tell me where to get it. We loved it. Excellent on baked potatoes and with taco chips.

  24. Lori

    I miss this dip so much! Please, please, please bring it back!!!!

  25. Patricia

    I have had a love affair with this dip for over a decade and they discontinue it. First my parsnip chips now this? I am finding less and less of a reason to visit Trader Joes.

  26. Doug M.

    Very upset! Who’s making decisions to discontinue products like this? My 8-year-old likes very few foods, but loved this dip. Crying today. Also one of the primary reasons went to TJ’s. Definitely not as motivated to go out of my way anymore. Bad decision, TJ’s.

  27. LMA

    Please stop discontinuing things!!!! Bring back the blue cheese dip!

  28. Jerry Erickson

    This was our family favorite for years… so, now what do we do? No one at the TJ’s we support in NYC, Lake Zurich, Gainesville, Naples, West Des Moines, and Coralville could provide the rationale for discontinuance of this exceptional product! What was your reason for no longer offering the classic Blue Cheese Roasted Pecan dip??

    and will you offer the reason to all the TJ customers?

  29. Lisa

    Still mourning the loss of this dip. None of the other dips measure up.

    I hope you bring this back seasonally. It is perfect for summer picnics….and Christmas parties…..and spring…..and fall….

  30. Rebecca Duffy

    Very disappointed that Trader Joe’s has discontinued the Trader Joe’s Blue Cheese Roasted Pecan dip. It is one of the only store bought dips I truly enjoy, and have for a very long time. How many selections of Hummus do you need to offer?

    Please consider bringing it back.

  31. Nancy Allen

    This is one of my families favorite dips!! I had to take a few of these to my sister in Hawaii a few years ago because Trader Joe’s isn’t in Kona. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

  32. smith

    Please bring the blue cheese roasted pecan dip back- it’s the reason we went to the store!

  33. John

    I echo all other comments requesting the return of this dip. Is there anywhere else to get it?

  34. Jack Kelly

    I found the dip today at Trader Joe’s in Surprise, AZ…YEA! It’s back.

  35. Crystal

    I found this dip today and I understand the hype! Sooooo good!

  36. Jerry Erickson

    I wrote a review on April 11th expressing my disappointment that this dip had been discontinued and sent a comment to Rose at Customer Relations… she had a very nice response. Now the blue cheese roasted pecan dip is available once again and we are already on our fourth container. It is as great tasting as before and we are very pleased.
    Thank you all for responding to this long time customer in Iowa City.

  37. Angelina

    Great Dip! My favorite! Went to TJs this morning and they have it back in stock on the refrigerated dip case! Yay!

  38. Karen

    Wow! This is fantastic news… now the question is how long before it gets to other stores and the word gets out to customers who wander the aisles not even looking for this dip any longer because we have been trained NOT to look for it. I agree with the earlier comment about how many hummus dips are needed… maybe rotate some of those so people have a chance to pick up their favorite on occasion.

  39. Marty Nemko

    Too salty but leavened by a low-salt cracker such as a low-salt Triscuit, delicious, actually near-crack-addictive.

  40. Kathleen

    Love this dip! In talking to our TJ’s store manager, he said that it is now a seasonal item. So good news, bad news. Stock up during the holidays!



  42. Meagan

    I love this duo. I am also upset it’s not available all year long 🙁

  43. Adina

    It’s delicious and addictive and one of the reasons for making a weekly trip to TJ’s. Now that it’s discontinued, I actually shop less there. It made amazing salad dressing, bring it back!!!!

  44. James McMillan

    I ABSOLUTEY Love, Love this dip

  45. Michelle

    You took away my favorite item EVER at TJ

  46. Gwen Best

    Bring it back, please sir!

  47. Jeanette

    Love this dip and had been buying for years. No longer available at our TJ’s store.

  48. Victoria O

    We love this dip, please bring it back!

  49. TJR

    We make monthly trips to TJ’s in Portland Maine, it’s an hour away so has to be planned carefully. WE LOVE this dip! But only find it once in a great while now. When we see it we always buy two or three to have on hand but, they never last long and now it’s been months.
    Please, please, please bring it back on a more consistent basis!!!

  50. Andrew John Stacey

    Love this dip. As many other have stated had disappeared from local store (Monterey CA) and on request stated it had been discontinued (very sad).
    Well today it was back on the shelves – maybe seasonal although I have no idea why.
    Great to have access to the dip as long as it available.

  51. Aunt Susan

    Bring it back! Year round…Please! This dip is soooo delicious. I still miss it. Pairs so well with sliced pears and water crackers. It was always a hit at gatherings. It is rare that a store bought dip curls my toes. This one does.

  52. Susan C Gloria

    Always searching for this dip to return!!! Haven’t found it in any season in Texas for awhile. Please bring it back!!! I miss that flavor tremendously!

  53. postiecat

    Best dip ever. Cannot figure out why they can only have this seasonal. Needs to be year round. Do they even read these reviews?????

  54. Ash

    My absolute favorite dip of TJ’s. Goes perfectly with thicker crackers or chips. I ALWAYS buy multiples because of its increasing rarity on shelves. Sad to hear it is discontinued.

  55. Marguerite

    I love this dip too. I hate that I can’t get it year round. I did find a copycat recipe on Google that’s just as yummy.

  56. Stef Porter

    THANK YOU FOR BRINGING IT BACK! I went to your store in The Woodlands, TX yesterday and jumped for joy. Had it open before I even finished putting the groceries away!

  57. Jeanette Gambogi

    Love this dip. Just bought it at TJ’s in Redding. Glad it is back.

  58. Cynthia

    Have bought this dip every week or two for 12-15 years. Absolutely love it and now you gist have it seasonally. On December 15 it it already gone till next year. Seasonally is having it in stock for more than 1 month. Please bring it back year round like it always has been.

  59. Kate

    This is the best dip at Trader Joe’s by far!! I went today hoping to stock up but sadly since it’s seasonal, it’s already gone. It’s so good with the pita crackers dipped in.

  60. Susan

    Please bring it Back!!! Making my own but it just is not the same.

  61. Erika

    Bring it back! This dip is not for just holidays, it should be kept in stock (especially in both Kansas City area locations) year round.

  62. jkiolli

    Obsessed. Must be brought back.

  63. Sue

    Not bad I liked the idea someone mentioned pairing it with pears it was back on the shelves today at Trader Joe’s in Ohio 11/16/22

  64. Kati

    This is the most vile thing I’ve ever tasted and im so confused how so many people are raving about it in their 5 star reviews

  65. Jeri

    Love this dip! I was so happy to find it at my TJs during this holiday season… I’ve definitely missed it! Soooo good with TJ’s Raisin Rosemary Crisps… a match made in heaven!

  66. Debra Gray

    Please bring back this amazing dip. It’s a great addition to my Keto diet and tastes great on anything crunchy, even meats!

  67. Catalina Zimmerman

    I would like to join masses all clamoring to have the blue cheese pecan dip back year round! I end up buying at least 12 containers when it hits the stores at holiday season (it freezes perfectly and thaws like a dream!) every time I go in. It boggles my mind that they can’t distribute it Year round, as everyone I know is obsessed with it. Bring it back, TJs!!!

  68. Maureen White

    I just love it! I was looking for it during the year finally ask a sales clerk when they will get it in he said Oh they only make that dip around the holidays….well I went back in December sure enough were in .I was disappointed to hear you should not freeze it or I would have. It’s delicious!!!

  69. Erna L.

    Best dip/spread/topping around! Please bring it back year-round! (Try it on a baked potato, white or sweet!) PLEASE!

  70. Janet Chapman

    Absolutely the best, store bought, ready made, impressive dip. I have enjoyed this dip, from California to Washington State then it disappeared. I have moved to Florida and I saw it during the holidays, then it was gone again. One other favorite that has disappeared it the olive tapenade. Bring them both back PLEASE and open more stores here in South West Florida.

  71. Patatas Bravas

    Best dip at TJ’s, hands down. Please make it a year-round item!

  72. Val H.

    I am gutted that Trader Joe’s discontinued this excellent Blue Cheese Roasted Pecan Dip. I read it was available in the stores around Christmas, but it wasn’t in the Branch on 14th Street in Washington, DC! WHY did they discontinue it, when it was SO very popular! Please, those responsible at Trader Joe’s – PLEASE bring it back full-time. Many Thanks, Pleazzzzzz.



  74. James

    Great quality dip. Hope it comes back!

  75. Erika Gianni

    PLEASE BRING BACK THIS DIP. I think about it weekly… and ALWAYS check to see if you brought it back every time I go to Trader Joe’s. Plz it was soooo good. If you don’t plan on bringing it back- do you know where I can get something similar?

  76. S

    I was able to find this dip. It’s only available during the holidays this year. I’m not a blue cheese fan, so ratings for anything predominantly blue cheese will never be more than 3 stars. According to a blue cheese fan, the blue cheese taste is not strong. but still good. I tried on with the stollen crisps and it was pretty good. The dip counteracted the sweetness of the crisps. The crips actually tasted better with the dip than alone which is a surprise considering I’m not a blue cheese fan.

  77. Martin Casteran

    I’m sooooooooo glad TJ brought back this amazing dip although by reading the reviews it seems that is back just for the holidays…. On past reviews I cannot get where people have their taste buds when they say they cannot taste the pecan. To me that is the distinct flavor on this dip that sets it all the way up on the very top!

  78. Wil Alexander

    Super Duper Combo. Bleu cheese and pecan, who would have thought? It’s De-licious!

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