Trader Joe’s Breaded Turkey-less Stuffed Roast with Gravy Reviews

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20 reviews for Trader Joe’s Breaded Turkey-less Stuffed Roast with Gravy Reviews

  1. Sharon

    This is a holiday tradition in our house…the only problem with it is they don’t sell these roasts all year long. I am vegan so you might think my opinion is biased however my husband is a full on omnivore and he loves it too. It cooks up easily and the side of gravy is a nice compliment. (It would be nice if there was more for side dishes too!)
    This dish makes a nice presentation at the table too with the crispy, browned breading crust.

  2. Morelia

    Wow, this taste AMAZING!!! Wish this was sold year round, because i bought so many in November. Way better than eating Turkey. It has so much flavor and the gravy is good too!

  3. david southall

    Turkey Less meal kit. I added more gravy. The outside reminded me of KFC outer crust from their chicken, but I have not had that in 30 years. The crispy outside and stuffing inside combined to make the best Thanksgiving meal I can remember. I think I have tried the other companies.

  4. Ttrockwood

    Annual tradition! I buy extras for the freezer, the outside gets a nice little crust layer and the inside stuffing is really delicious! Even better served with some cranberry sauce, i get more servings than it says because it’s quite rich and filling.

  5. Wes

    I was amazed at how good the crispy outside breading was. Especially for a frozen store-bought item, I didn’t go into it with very high hopes. But it came out literally 10/10 good – couldn’t picture a better breading on any kind of “meat” product, vegan or non-vegan!

    The stuffing and gravy were also delicious. I was impressed that the texture/taste of the stuffing was so good even though it wasn’t made fresh and eaten right away.

    I wasn’t blown away by the “turkey” (ie: the vegetarian meat part under the breading around the stuffing). But I’m not a huge fan of real turkey either, so I won’t judge too much on that front. The “meat” texture was fine, but the taste was better masked by the breading/stuffing/gravy.

  6. Jacqueline Gorora

    Trader Joe’s Breaded Turkey-less Stuffed Roast with Gravy is OUTSTANDING and should be offered throughout the year. Living in a mixed household, it’s nice to have the opportunity to have a delicious meal for the entire family and be able to serve it more than just at Thanksgiving. After surveying a lot of people, I know that many feel the same way. Please reconsider offering this more often in your stores, or at least allow us to order it online and have it shipped to our homes. Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

  7. Rae

    I buy two every holiday season so that I can have one for the new year. I like the breaded crust that gets nice and crunchy. Even my non vegan husband is happy to eat this and he ususally ignores anything vegan I cook.

  8. Brigitte

    I wonder why they need to add so much salt in any prepared food . This salty if you eat it with cranberry sauce it will help balance the salt , It still has a good flavor . The gravy is garbage so so salty make your own so you can control the salt .

  9. NYC Vegan

    Excellent roast. This is one of the better roasts out there. I’ve had one already and have another one in the freezer for the holidays. Recommended!!!

  10. Tom Larsen

    Our family found this turkey roast to be inedible. It has hot spicy chile pepper in it. My mouth is still buzzing. My wife is allergic to hot chiles and the rest of the family doesn’t want it. I don’t understand why some cooks think they make food good by adding ghost peppers to everything. We won’t be buying this again, we will go back to Tofurkey like we’ve had on many previous Thanksgivings. I’m so disappointed that TJ’s ruined Thanksgiving dinner. If they’d leave out the hot chilis, this would beat Tofurkey. It’s more moist, the crispy outer breading is a great touch, cranberries in the stuffing were fun. I need to stop writing now and go drink a gallon of vegan milk and eat bread to calm down my tongue. My wife and son get no turkey style loaf this year.

  11. Lamutte

    This is meatless turkey was a disappointment. It is too dense, doughy and the filling is also a moist lump of doughy stuff. It is not very flavorful. The gravy was bitter. I tried fixing it with some soy sauce and mushroom seasoning plus more water. It looks nothing like the picture.

  12. Dawn Rivas

    This product is tasteless and dry. I made it yesterday for my Thanksgiving dinner and it was a huge disappointment. Very rarely do I have a negative review of a Trader Joe’s product, but don’t waste your money on this!

  13. Anonymous

    Made this and the tofurkey roast this year for thanksgiving. The Trader Joe’s roast was hands down the best. Highly recommend!

  14. Anonymous

    My fiancé got this on accident, she thought it was real turkey. All that aside, it was bussin

  15. Anonymous

    Honestly, I love the flavor. BUT I bought 3 of them and they all gave me the absolute smelliest gas I have ever had. I mean deadly smelling gas. I searched the Internet to see if others had the same problem. My daughter who is a meat eater had a small piece just to sample it and she had the exact same results. Sadly, I will not buy this product again

  16. rachel

    I was not a fan of the seasoning. The texture was fine. Gravy was okay. Will not be purchasing again.

  17. SB (vegan author and gormet chef)

    I’ve purchased several of these Breaded Turkey-less Stuffed Roasts for some years to eat during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. They taste better than real turkey and retain their flavors well when stored frozen. To me they taste much better than competing versions, like Gardeins, and they cost a lot less. However, I am surprised that they are not yet available on November 3, 2023 and I hope that this product has not been discontinued.

  18. CWAlves

    I made a 2+ hour trip to TJs to pick up my 3 Turkey-less roasts only to be told it’s been discontinued…WTH TJ’s????? We depend on this for our vegan Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas get together….now what??? SO disappointed!

  19. Natasha

    I called my local TJ – It isn’t discontinued, sort of. They are getting it from a new vendor so technically the one we have been getting over the years is discontinued. The person I spoke with said this new vendor is providing the same one, different name. It has not been delivered yet, she said hopefully within the next week.

  20. Rosie Gates

    This breaded turkey-less stuffed roast with gravy is far and away the best plant-based option I know of. Used to make my own with seitan, an exhausting all-day process, then for a time went with tofurkey, and then discovered these TJ’s roasts! So freakin’ good! To be told that they won’t be available this year is an enormous disappointment. I see from the review above that there may be a new vendor providing this product soon under a different name. I am so hoping this is true! Please, TJ’s! You have my email, so please let me know if this happens. I’ll show up the very next morning if true!

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