Trader Joe’s Autumn Vegetable & White Bean Gratin Reviews

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With roasted cauliflower, butternut squash, and butter beans in a white cheddar cheese sauce. Just heat & serve!


8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Autumn Vegetable & White Bean Gratin Reviews

  1. Pat Mitchell

    Will not buy this again. Despite a strong (and sour) cheese smell – yes I know this is cheddar – but the gratin itself is tasteless. Maybe add a little acid from tomato or something? Salt and Pepper added nothing, and I have to do more what’s the point of not cooking? And the bits of kale were woody and gross.

  2. Andrea Rutland

    Terrible! Very sour as if it was spoiled. Was really looking forward to this.

  3. S

    Almost bitter. Tasted rancid. I love sharp cheese but this was really off.

  4. Anonymous

    Worst ever.had one bite and threw it out. It tasted like it was spoiled. My friend had the same experience.

  5. Bcoop

    I’ve never used this site but literally had to come here to write how bad this is! It feels like there were so many other miscellaneous vegetables in mine too, like watercress and pearl onions. I was hungry so I ate it all, but really I would not recommend this AT ALL. It’s gross and pretty boring.

  6. K. L. Wojciechowski

    The vegetables were in a tasteless bechamel. I’m use to a gratin having a good cheese flavor in the sauce and then cheese browned on top with bread crumbs. This had neither so will not be buying again.

  7. Anonymous

    Some hard vegetable that I didn’t identify and a complete fail on taste. I love gratins but this one doesn’t work. I will return it to the store.

  8. Dominic

    I am rarely disappointed with any of TJ’s products. But this was truly a surprise! Extremely bland and over priced. Don’t waste your money.

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