Trader Joe’s Artichoke Timbales Reviews

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Artichoke hearts baked stuffed with mozzarella and grana padano cheeses. Comes with four servings. Sold in the frozen section.


33 reviews for Trader Joe’s Artichoke Timbales Reviews

  1. Dave

    Salty stringy mush. Not one co-worker liked this one. Kinda confused how this made it past the tasting panel.

  2. Kt

    If you like artichokes, you will LOVE this! It is AMAZING!

  3. EVA

    I love them. I think it’s just a matter of taste. They are a perfect snack for me, and paired with a fried egg it was a meal. I was glad to find them.

  4. Anonymous

    Amazing! It reminds me so much of an artichoke dish my grandma used to make. I love them so much. Please let these be an item that stays!

  5. ashley

    These smell horrible and taste even worse. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone

  6. Anonymous

    Absolutely delicious. The artichokes are lightly brined and the cheeses are perfect. It’s a soft and decadent treat!

  7. Rachel

    Definitely a great addition to the trader Joe’s frozen food section. Great as a main if you add a side green salad.

  8. Adnerb

    Great side dish. It was nice to have something different for a change. Just a bit too salty for me though. Everyone loved them. I will definitely be buying these again I hope they stick around for a while.

  9. Donna Gary

    Delicious. I’d love to have some serving ideas for pairing

  10. Sondra Fandray

    Very little taste. Baked per package directions. Will try air frying. Not impressed so far

  11. M. D.

    I was very excited to try them, and I cooked them as directed. The texture is like warm, stringy, artichoke pudding. They were, in my opinion, abysmal. I cannot believe I wasted $5 on these. Maybe this is how timbales should be. I have never had one before. I can’t imagine they are like this.

  12. BDCThug

    These were like marinated artichokes in cheesy goodness with a crispy top. I hope they stay year round. I don’t get all the hate for them on here. This shit is so good I wanna dump it on my head and rub it all over my chest.

  13. Anonymous

    I love them. Chunks of artichokes, you could taste the cheese. Pleasantly surprised.

  14. The Commodore

    Outstanding! Got them out of curiosity and will definitely be going back for more.

  15. Anonymous

    Love them! I hate that when I went back for more i could not find them (I even tried to find it in other store than my regular one)

  16. TJ

    They taste as horrible as they smell. Such a disappointment!

  17. Anonymous

    A waste of money. Directions say to peel
    Off paper after cooked. Couldn’t find paper and was concerned about eating it…so threw the whole thing away! A real disappointment!

  18. APT

    tried these last night. Absolutely delicious, wonderful artichoke flavor, and great overall texture. Amazing to find such things in the frozen food section of a supermarket!

  19. Deb

    Love these for breakfast or with a little salad for lunch. One of my new favorites!!! Also, please bring back the Pasadena salad, another one of my favorites especially during summer!!!

  20. Emily

    If you like stuffed artichokes or artichoke dip you will like these. I love them. Mildly spiced so the taste of the artichokes and cheese really comes through. Can heat one at a time in the microwave and pair with a protein, I like it with eggs for breakfast or dinner.

  21. Anonymous

    not good. lacked flavor and strange consistency.

  22. Jan

    Really enjoyed them and I love artichokes!!! Tender and cheesy. Added a squeeze of fresh lemon juice at the end. Will buy again.

  23. Debbie

    Just finished my first Artichoke Timbale and I loved it! Great artichoke flavor and the cheese was melt, gooey, goodness! I ate it with a serving of tootsie chicken and it was a great Keto meal! I did have to add salt.

  24. WmB

    Disappointed. Lacking in flavor, consistency of library paste, no lemony artichoke taste, no obvious cheesy notes. Tried ’em because I’m gluten and soy intolerant and nearly all of the appetizer/side dishes at TJs have one or both. This was a rare miss for TJ.

  25. Renee

    I always check the new items shelf but forget to check the freezer section for new items. Luckily, someone brought these to our book club last night and they received 100% thumbs up. I just had a leftover one I brought home for breakfast topped with red pepper eggplant sauce. I will be buying a couple boxes on my next visit.

  26. Steph

    Could be better.Needs a while to heat up thoroughly.I had with eggs in the morning so quite a good combo.Needs a bit more crunch on top.

  27. Anna

    These are delicious! They taste like real artichokes and the texture and flavors are perfect. Thanks TJ.

  28. Susan

    I thought they were very nice! I will definitely buy again . Sort of like artichoke frittata. I thought it was delicious and had nice bits of artichoke bottom. A couple of tiny bits of stringy pieces but nothing dealbreaking for me. I buttered it on the bottom to avoid sticking, and on the top to aid browning. Good paired with a side of cut up fruit of your choice. I had mine with pear drizzled with a bit of Italian dressing.

  29. Kat

    In reading these reviews it seems the timbales are either love ‘em or hate ‘em. I’m squarely in the love camp. Made one in the microwave and found it quite tasty and full of artichoke flavor. Think it would be great alongside a fried egg and some sourdough toast for brunch. They are a bit heavy and artichokes can be fibrous, maybe that’s why some dislike??? My only thought is why the directions indicate to remove the plastic film when there isn’t any.

  30. Debra B

    These were divine! If you are a artichoke lover these are delicious they are artichoke hearts in a creamy cheese soufflé. I made them in the air fryer according to the directions a little squeeze of fresh lemon. I will buy these forever!!!

  31. Marybeth

    Delicious as a side or with a salad for a meal

  32. LYV

    I live artichokes and these timbales are full of artichokes. The texture is nice and while I can agree that some flavor could be added to these, like some salt or red pepper, these are easy to pair with your own sauces and seasonings. I hope these stay!! I can see myself using them in a creamy casserole. Yum!

  33. Sydney

    These are yummy! I’m an artichoke fan and enjoy these 🙂

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