Ibericos Tapas Style Grilled Artichoke Quarters Reviews

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13 reviews for Ibericos Tapas Style Grilled Artichoke Quarters Reviews

  1. Rich

    Awesome TJs product, especially for dieters, vegetarians and vegans. They used to be sold in halves, but now they’re in quarters. Same product, just a different size. I have to ask my local TJs (in Los Angeles) to bring them in sometimes, but usually they’re in stock. I do the Keto diet and get these both when I’m off and on the diet.

  2. Janet

    Yay! They’re back in stock! Love this product!

  3. Dave

    Love these, best artichokes I’ve found in years.

  4. Maya

    Highly recommend. We add them salads and as an appetizer on small toasted breads. Very good.

  5. Marilyn

    So disappointed since I love grilled artichokes. Was going to serve to guests sometime and glad I didn’t. Sunflower is the main oil these are packed in, awful taste. Also the outer leaves were all tough and had to be spit out.

  6. Susan

    Tired of the artichokes in jars. Making pesto spaghetti with prosciutto. Added these in. Fantastica! Will use these in salads and more!

  7. Megan

    One of the best products at TJs!

  8. Karen

    Sadly they have been discontinued.

  9. Christine Ranta

    Love these. Put them on pizza and in pasta dishes

  10. Lee m.

    The absolute worst! All you can taste is the cheap oil they are marinating in. And the artichokes are tough and dried out. Ridiculous price for something that basically ended up in the garbage disposal.

  11. Linda

    Awful. Swimming in oil – oil that has zero taste. Artichokes were tough or stringy and unpleasant. Don’t waste your money. TJ’s can do better in selecting and offering products that are top notch.

  12. AZ Beute

    Why so much oil? And why vinegar at all? All we could taste was yucky sunflower oil and vinegar. Where is the grilled artichoke flavor? Super bummed with this honestly gross tasting product.

  13. Minerva Rauback

    Love these. Ate them straight out of the package, very savory. I even sipped the oil. Don’t understand the bad reviews.

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