Trader Joe’s Apple Cranberry Tart Reviews

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Apple Cranberry Tart Reviews

  1. Joan F. Wallent

    These apple cranberry tarts are truly delicious! After I tried these, I went right back and bought three more boxes. Now, I can’t find them any more? What happened to them? The stores tell me they are discontinued but why?? How can I find them? Tell me how to contact someone that can help me find them, please. Joan

  2. Sara

    Picked these up on a whim because they looked like they would taste like ‘autumn’ – and they do. So yummy and delicious. Just the right mix of sweet and tart. Warming them in the oven really brings out the blend of flavors. Be sure to let it rest a couple of minutes for the crust to firm up once out of the oven. Literally a perfect product!!

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