Trader Joe’s Tzatziki Creamy Garlic Cucumber Dip Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tzatziki Creamy Garlic Cucumber Dip Reviews

  1. Marg

    I love it but the container gets poofy after two or three days in refrig. Even before it is opened! Is this ok? Smells and looks ok but a bit more bity. Thoughts?

  2. A. Harwood

    This is the best Tzatziki I’ve had. I much prefer it to T.J.’s Avocado Tzatziki.
    I haven’t noticed any problems within 2-3 days, but it does need to be eaten up within a week or so after you open it for best crispy cucumber texture. I live alone, so sometimes I’m still eating it longer that a week, and it’s still tasty, just not as good as when it’s fresh.

  3. Rick

    Watery and tasteless. Do not use as a chip dip

  4. Chris

    Bland and watery. This was the first brand I’d ever tried and dislike tzatziki for years until i tried a few different ones. I don’t recommend this one.

  5. E. Charles

    Decent flavor, perhaps a little more garlicky than one would expect… but watery enough to irrigate the Sahara.

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