Trader Joe’s Mini Orange Cranberry Tea Scones Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mini Orange Cranberry Tea Scones Reviews

  1. jayne sahagian


  2. Mayra

    These are the best! I was worried because i dont really like orange in my desserts but these are so perfectly combined with the cranberries and other sweet spices that it just gives a delicious hint of orange. They are so perfect! Not overly sweet, just sweet enough, i could eat a bag of these in one sitting .

  3. Minnie Love

    They changed the recipe. Please change it back!! This one just taste like sugar. No orange or cranberry taste.

  4. Lisa Pearse

    What the heck? These used to be amazing – worth a special trip. Now the are overly sweet and barely taste of orange. I won’t buy again. Sad.

  5. JJDRP

    I always loved these scones, but bought them today and they were very different. I may be trashing them. I came here to hear what other had to say. I totally agree that they changed the recipe. There is less orange flavor and less cranberries. Also, the texture is now like sand. This is no longer a good product.

  6. Audrey

    I agree! They were wonderful but now just a sugary blob. No orange flavor, a few tiny bits of what might cranberries and the consistency is way off. I was going to buy several bags closer to Christmas for gifts but won’t now. Please change back to the old recipe or vendor.

  7. Linda K Smith


  8. Sonja

    I just had one for the first time and thought it was delicious! I can totally see how if you were used to an older version, you may not be happy with a recipe change. I’ve had that happen, and it’s infuriating. However, if you’ve never tried one before, you just may be as happy with them as I am. No, the orange flavor is not particularly pronounced, but I also didn’t find them overly sweet, and mine had a good number of cranberries.

  9. D Williams

    Love them! I like the crunchy crust with the light icing and not a lot of fruit.

  10. D Williams

    Love them! I like the crunchy crust with the light icing and not a lot of fruit.

  11. Donna

    Today was the first time I have seen and tried these scones. These are my favorite new Trader Joe’s find in years. PLEASE don’t discontinue these!

  12. Denise

    These were my favorite Trader Joe’s product until they changed the recipe. I grabbed my usual bag without noticing they had changed and actually threw half the bag away because they were so bland and awful. Why oh why did TJ’s mess with a great product‍♀️

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