Trader Joe’s Rustic Apple Tarte Reviews

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13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Rustic Apple Tarte Reviews

  1. Harry Nelson

    This is flakey and tasty and everything great about fall desserts! However, if you don’t like nuts, you’ll want to avoid it.

  2. Lee Tremewan

    This WAS the best ever Apple Tarte. Definitely five stars.
    And then Trader Joe’s dropped it. So disappointing!
    Just tried the Peaches & Cream Tarte. One star.

  3. Daisy O’Brien

    I’m not a big dessert person, but I tried this out and… instant love! It was so good, I bought 2 for co-workers (to spread the word) and another one for me (to spread the butt, apparently). Kind of like a Dutch apple pie. A lovely rough crust, with “embedded” cream cheese. Deliciously sweet apples (neither too mushy nor crunchy) and an absolutely addictive crunchy crumble topping. Bliss. Prepare to wear elastic waistband pants after eating.

  4. Sandra Felty

    The rustic apple tarte was amazing! Sadly I did not realize these are seasonal items (WHY !!!) and when I went back today I found out they are gone! What’s up with that? Are apple tartes really seasonal?

  5. Lo

    Can we have this rustic apple tart not as season product?? They are sooooo goooood!!

  6. Nopa

    Agree. This is fantastic. Incredible that this is from a grocery store.

  7. Kim T

    This needs to be a regular product, it was so good!!

  8. Vicky BC

    That was the most delicious apple tart I’ve ever had! . I wish it was not seasonal.

  9. Chia

    Absolutely love this! It doesn’t necessarily look like it would be anything that special, but it is incredibly delicious. I always buy multiple every year when they’re out. I wish they sold them year round! The perfect amount of crunch/pastry and the apples weren’t too mushy.

  10. A J Schwitters

    Great Product!! Can’t believe MGMT does not carry this product all year. Marketing 101, if it sells, produce and make profits with happy customers.

  11. Judy Pieper

    I had planned to take the Apple Tart to 3 parties next week. Went in to buy today (Nov 9) and they’re gone!! “Seasonal (summer) item” I was told. Anyone have a recipe duplicate?

  12. Judith Gollatz-Morgan

    I heard they were a bit sweet so I peeled and sliced two apples sprinkled with small amount of cinnamon sugar , microwaved them for four minutes and layered apple slices in a spiral and dotted top with butter . Baked at 350° for 25 minutes. Absolutely fabulous.

  13. Donna Maisner

    The Rustic Apple Tarte is AMAZING! It deserves 10 STARS! Costco sells apple pie several times a year, and although it is good, I would buy this tarte over that, no doubt! Please Trader Joe’s bring it back! It has to be a great seller, it is so hard to find one even in season 🙂

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