Trader Joe’s French Apple Tart Reviews

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Baked apples in a shortbread crust with a hint of Apricot and Vanilla.


15 reviews for Trader Joe’s French Apple Tart Reviews

  1. Carolyn DiLemme

    This sample chart is amazing. The apples are cooked perfectly not too soft not too hard.
    The crust is the delicious (no heartburn ) and I just don’t understand why they only have it seven weeks out of the year.
    The apple pie is just no comparison the apples are usually hard and the crust is a bit cardboardy

  2. Paula

    Excellent excellent excellent
    5 stars

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, absolutely amazing!! I am waiting to purchase it again this year. The best amazing flavor ever. I wish they had it year around.

  4. Christopher M. Yellman

    This tart was so sweet you could not even taste the fruit. Wake up Trader Joe’s, there is an obesity epidemic out there fueled by obscenely sweet desserts such as this. I won’t be touching these again. There is a market for desserts with less doggone sugar in them. Have some corporate vision.

  5. Warner

    Surprisingly good given that it’s a tart and not a regular pie with crust on top. Crust is pretty much my favorite part of apple pie, so I wasn’t sure how much I would like this or not going into it. However, this crust is SO good and the amount of apple isn’t too overpowering, so it ended up being quite tasty!

    One of the best pie crusts I’ve ever had. Also, the apples were a decent texture and not too mushy or too overdone like some pies/tarts.

  6. Vp


  7. Mark

    Amazing sample chart!

  8. Ella

    This a very delicious.

  9. flobro

    It is so goood I have to go online and find a place to put my review. It is the perfect balance between the crunch and softness as well as the jam. The crust is not too thick and went really well with the whole pie!!!

  10. Annie

    Delicious apple tart! Just as good as it looks. I’m not a fan of regular pie crust so this really hit the spot for me. I will freeze it so i don’t eat it all at once!

  11. Karine Helene

    So disappointed in this French Apple Tart that is not French by any means. The crust had a bad after taste and gas eggs which a short bread crust should not have.The crust was also way too heavy and soggy.
    The apples were too firm so hard to cut.
    It is not made in France and would never be passed as a French apple tart . I do not think you can say it is a fRENCH tart unless it is made in France.
    I am chocked that Ina Gartner sang her praises for the tart . Did she even taste it or maybe just got a “kick back”.
    It is sad because I used to value her opinion and fell for her review and praise.
    Purchased in December 2022 and warmed before serving as told to do.

  12. Richard Mulligan

    Not French, rubbery apples, soggy crust, bad after taste, very disappointing. Bought it after reading Ina Garten’s misleading praise. Was she bribed or does she really like bad tarts?

  13. JEAN LO

    Categorically disgusting. Sopping wet crust. Runny glaze. It smelled bad but I thought maybe it would taste better than it smelled. I thought maybe it was the apricots, which can have an off-putting smell. Apples had no taste and were crunchy. Are these made for each region in a separate kitchen? Does Ina have a different supplier? The TJ’s employee said they just came in and he put them out. I bought for my 6 neighbors and then bought an extra to try it. So glad I tried it beforehand. How embarrassing if I gave these out! yuk.

  14. Chris

    It may not be Paris, but it is excellent and I did no work!

  15. Tim

    The apples lacked any tartness with a rubbery texture, too heavy on vanilla, soggy and overly sweet. Disappointed as it looks very appetizing.

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