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61 reviews for Trader Joe’s 100% Prune Juice Reviews

  1. Meng Xu

    It’s my favorite good in Trader Joe’s. I am wondering why I cannot find it now.

  2. Mary McNitt

    is it safe to use the organic prune juice from Turkey
    I do enjoy the taste but am nervous about where
    it is grown and coming from

  3. Mary McNitt

    I enjoy the taste

  4. Larry Bieber

    This is absolutely delicious. We have been buying 3 bottles every week. Why haven’t they had it recently?

  5. Syl E

    We have been buying 3 bottles at a time for a long time. It’s the only that keeps my mother in law regular. I have been unable to find it our local TJ the last few weeks and when I asked about it today I was told the FDA made them put a hold on it. Too bad. Hope they resolve whatever issue they have with soon so we can buy it again. Do you have any idea when you will be selling it again or are their other TJ’s in the area that still have some in stock ? Zip code 95123

  6. Sigle

    5 stars to this delicious prune juice. Hope TJs will be carrying it again soon.

  7. Amanda Carter

    I am a stage 4 cancer patient. I not only enjoy this delicious juice twice a day, I need it. Many of the drugs I must take are so drying that this has become necessary. Otherwise dangerous dehydration ensues. I just can’t drink enough water and juice to overcome it. It is easier on my system than the prescription drugs, taste better than Sunsweet, and is more manageable. Please resolve issues so that I can buy it again.

  8. JT

    This is so great! Please bring this back!!!!

  9. Lee Goodson

    Glad to see it’s back in stock. One question- why can’t the bottle be more “friendly”? It’s very difficult to hold & pour. Having the neck of its bumpy really does not help the slipperiness – the label is actually less slippery , but it is too wide to hold from there.

  10. Michael neuman

    You better get dis here prune juice back in da store..I’m backed up and jacked up….fixin to blow…I could cause global methanyl gas blowout..Now get in in da stores quick…or yer ass is lookin at some time in a waterboardin session..signed ,m.

  11. Harriet Gruber

    bought this bottle of prune juice and found out it had high potassium. The taste is awful. Not what usual prune juice tastes like. Watery, smells awful and should be taken off the shelves. It made me sick to my stomach and the smell alone caused me to gag. A wasted 3.99 for this product.

  12. Elliott L

    Great Juice. Unique-no other juice like it. This is not like normal prune juice. It’s almost another type. If it were not called “prune” juice, I would not think it is. However, I love the taste and texture and expect that it has the same vlaues as other types of Prune Juice. I was not available in the Route 17 New Jersey store, 2 days ago. I hope it is not off the market again.

  13. Jane

    I love this prune juice. It has a unique flavor from other prune juices and a much better flavor. It also has a different color than most prune juices, so I was skeptical at first, until I tasted it. Love it!

  14. G Campbell

    Why are you not restocking this prune juice. Once the shelves are empty restocked them .

  15. Marolyn Schroeder

    The best prune juice around and we miss it. Can we order it on line?

  16. Stanley F Pollack

    This is great, unique, flavor-able, smooth, effective, wonderful juice. The interruption in the supply is of deep concern. Please, please resolve this problem as soon as possible. It is of the utmost importance!!

  17. June Ballinger

    My PRINCETON TJs told me this prune juice has been discontinued and I am shattered.
    I resorted to the old fashioned prune juice and it is not any where near as satisfying. I wrote to Trader Joe’s to learn what the story was but I never heard back. Was the Turkish juice ( really like a fresh plum juice) not up to standard? I will resort to eating just plain prunes I guess. 🙁

  18. Joyce Hawranick

    Love this juice!!!! Please bring it back. We shop in Trader Joe’s in
    Cary, North Carolina

  19. theodore richter

    One of my favourite products and they have stopped carrying it. We all need to complain to bring it back.

  20. Barbara

    I am very disappointed that they have discontinued this Organic Prune Juice.
    I live in Watsonville and shop at Capitola and Santa Cruz Trader Joes.
    REALLY want that product back!!

  21. Stephanie

    So disappointed to see this discontinued! I hope it comes back soon.

  22. Tricia van Oers

    This is our favorite juice, and I’ve introduced friends to it as well. I am very saddened and extremely disappointed to find out it has been discontinued. Why?! It is one of the most honest and good-for-you products. Much better than so many new, highly processed foods. And it is delicious.
    Please, Trader Joe, bring back our juice!


    this is the best juice you carry!!!! we just discovered it and been telling everyone and now we can’t get it .why!!!! even my kids like! please bring it back and let people sample it.

  24. Anastasia Afanasyev

    Bring it back please!!! It was the best juice we have tried!!

  25. Brittney Rogers

    Please bring back!!! I specifically was going there for this and was also buying 3 at a time. Me and my 2 kids along with my mother and grandmother all thought this was the best prune juice!!! We not onoy loved it but needed it to keep us regular. Please please bring back!!!!


    Yes, I agree, Please bring it back soon, I only need every once in while, but it really taste good. I like to keep it on hand for when I need it, couldn’t believe when I stopped to stock up and they were no longer carrying it, that is mainly what I stopped for today, have also told others about it and now they can’t even get it. I live in Richardson, TX and have two Trader Joe’s close to me, I love them, always find something unique and different along with my usual. They also stopped their green juice, which my son loved, they are no longer carrying it either, so disappointing when you get used to something and then they stop selling it.

  27. M

    BRING IT BACK !!!!
    Why did you stopped this awesome product ?
    Perfect delicious true 100% natural prune juice almost puree style !
    West Hollywood Trader Joes
    Alll the employees were unable to understand why the product had been discontinued as it has so much success ! Even they love it so much

  28. A E

    It is delicious. I could not find it at my store in Southlake Tx and they told me it has been discontinued.
    What is the problem?

  29. Hunter Taheri

    please bring it back. Trader joes is known to take care of customers. Here is the demand of a customer :Please bring it back. Your organic prune juice is the only one I like and I miss it badly.

  30. Alison Diamond

    Please bring this back! GI docs across the country recommend this particular juice because kids love it and it’s not too hard on their tummies. I’ve tried a few others and all are way too strong for a kid. Pretty please !!

  31. Lucy

    Keep the juice!

  32. Emily H

    Please bring it back! I wish I could pick it up at TJs with the rest of my groceries for my toddler!

  33. Ann Tran

    My baby suffers from bad constipation and this prune juice is her favorite and help her poo everyday. Please bring it back. It is the main reason for me to shop at Trader Joe’s.

  34. Peter Thompson

    Nothing to say, they no longer carry it. Need to find out where else might be able to buy this great product. Would be nice if management would share with their customers an explanation, but not holding my breath.

  35. Judy Miller

    Bring back your organic prune juice or something to replace it. I am so disappointed it is off the shelves.

  36. Anonymous

    Please, please bring it back!!!!!

  37. Karen Bestrice

    Ridiculous it’s discontinued !
    Best prune juice ever, taste similar to a smoothie or like a tropical juice ..
    they need to figure it out ..

  38. David

    Please bring it back. It’s def. a 5 star

  39. Thomas

    Wow….went to three different stores before i looked here to find that it is discontinued. Very disappointing.

  40. Adam Conway

    We loved this product!!! It’s delicious!!! Please bring it back.

  41. It’s perfect, please bring it back.

    It’s perfect, please bring it back.

  42. Tatiana Lipson

    It was the most delicious and pure juice I’ve ever tasted!
    I’ve visited several Trader Joe’s and there is none to be found.
    Please restock it!!!

  43. Xochilt Jimenez

    The only prune juice I could drink. Please bring it back.

  44. Dan

    I see am not the only one lamenting the loss of this Prune Juice–absolutely the BEST even my son who hates prune juice–loves it!

    Please TJ’s bring it back! Or tell us where we can but it!

  45. Matt

    Good lord, bring back the TJ prune juice!!!

  46. Anonymous

    Yes!! This is the only Pune juice I can get my 3 year old to drink. He is so backed up right now. Please bring this back!!

  47. K

    I never drank this for digestive support, I drank it because it was just freaking delicious. This particular juice had a bright tart flavor and a unique thicker texture. I am so bummed it’s no longer available. Seriously this was a juice worth keeping over some of the other less unique juices TJs offers. Please bring it back. Such a shame to lose it.

  48. Anonymous

    bring it back

  49. Danny

    Bring it back!!!! My daughters digestive track has never been the same since its been discontinued. Absolutely delicious and healthy. Worth every penny!

  50. Peter Thompson

    Don’t get TJs…they have a great product in high demand and discontinue without comment? Makes you wonder if there is more to the story since they seem to be hiding something……

  51. Ken Bullock

    Just adding my appreciation for TJ’s Turkish prune juice–& dismay that it’s gone. One of the finest of TJ’s products in decades of shopping there. Hoping for its return.

  52. John

    Would someone from Trader Joe’s corporate office please issue an official response as the why the prune juice was discontinued and if and when it may be back on the shelves?

  53. Brittney Rogers

    Was really bummed to find out this was discontined. This is my favorite prune juice we’ve ever had!!! Taste almost like a smoothie and was helping keep me and my kids regular. Would buy several bottles at a time. PRETTY PLEASE BRING BACK!!!

  54. Steven L

    Trader Joe’s 100% Prune Juice is/was by far the best prune juice ever!
    Where has it gone? Oh, please Please PLEASE bring it back!
    I will do ANYTHING for it! (lol)
    Well, I will pay for each bottle my household consumes at the very least!

  55. Karyn Walch

    Best prune juice ever! Bring it back!

  56. Nan

    5 Wasted Stars

    Don’t tell me … Donnie Drumph’s trade war!
    Lift the Turkish Prune Embargo!!!!

  57. Seyed

    This was the best product of all time at Trader Joe’s… We lost our hope, we lost everything, don’t do this to us… please bring this back!

  58. AR

    Please bring back Organic Prune Juice.I is too good.

  59. Lynette Young-Golding

    The best Prune juice EVER!!! I thought I was the only person who felt this way until I viewed the page. Bring it back!!! Bring it back!!! Bring it back!!!

  60. SJ

    Been driving around various TJ locations trying to find this specific brand of prune juice. Didn’t realize it was discontinued. A shame. Loved it, tasted great, texture felt like a smoothie which was awesome. Everything about this prune juice was unique in a fantastic way. The glass bottles are an excellent recyclable item too; we’d use them to store other liquids after finishing the juice. Please bring it back; we’d mass-buy them now if we could lol

  61. Betsy Cramer

    Wonderful juice, a special flavor, maybe a special variety of plum. I kept looking for it in the several TJs in the Sana Barbara area. VERY, VERY disappointed to see it has been discontinued!

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