Trader Joe’s Non-Sorbate Pitted Prunes Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Non-Sorbate Pitted Prunes Reviews

  1. Ruth Bledsoe

    Tried 3 other pitted prune brands. None compare to Trader Joe’s Non-Sorbate Pitted Prunes flavor or consistency. Thank you Trader Joe’s for this wonderful healthful product. They also help in ones regularity.

  2. Gary LA

    Eventhough this website is so difficult for me to find “prunes” Trader Joe’s Non-Sorbate Pitted Prunes are the BEST generous pound LB. of prunes for a fair reasonable HUMANE price!!!!

  3. CaliforniaEater

    These prunes are great because they do NOT leave a slimy residue on my hands. They taste good, and they are definitely effective if you know what I mean. 🙂

  4. Audrey Spencer

    These prunes are the best for me. No coughing when eating this. I highly recommend this product.

  5. Shyam Garg

    TradersJoe nonsorbate pitted prunes are tasty and easy to break to mix with cottage cheese and eat in the morning. It does the job of making motion in the morning easy. I like it and have been using for more than a year.

  6. Anonymous

    Best tasting prunes. Nice chew with just the right level of dehydration.

  7. Dimpo Ravinno

    These are excellent. Soft, sweet, chewy but not too chewy. Around here we like to say “Prunes today for a better tomorrow.”

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