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14 reviews for Novello Italian Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil Reviews

  1. Crys

    Slightly grassy. Somewhat bitter, but not overwhelmingly so. Not peppery at all. Silky mouth feel. Beautiful green-gold color. Cloudy sediment at the bottom (normal and should not be considered a defect). Great for dressings, finishing, and for use in marinades. Also a great option for coating veggies with before throwing in the oven to roast. I’ve had better olive oils (I prefer more peppery notes) but this is a very good olive oil and one I would buy again, for its versatility alone. Folks who like a more mildly flavored olive oil but still want the benefits of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil will be pleased with this option.

  2. Bob McBride

    I love this olive oil. Many olive oils have a slight ‘machine oil’ smell. But this oils has a great fragrance and taste. I use it mostly in salad dressings and for cooking.
    I like it so much I buy 12 bottles so I’ll have it year round.

  3. Andrew Michael

    I love olive oil. I never knew about the differences in the quality and tastes of olive oil until we spent much time in Italy. It’s on the same level of developing a good palette for coffees, wine, oolong tea, etc. I always look forward to Trader Joe’s having this olive oil in stock since it is not offered all year long. Sorry, but I was very disappointed with the taste, fragrance, and quality of Novello this time (Jan. 2022). I has the qualities of inexpensive olive oils in Italy and it doesn’t at all compare to prior purchases last year and the year before in taste and fragrance. Very disappointed.


    tasty..VERY GOOD

  5. Frank

    This olive oil is horrible. The acidity is very high and not smooth at all. When an olive oil makes you choke when drinking it out of the bottle as it goes through your throat it is an indication of high acidity and a low quality.

  6. Anton

    poor product – when initially purchased I eagerly tasted and was immediately disappointed and didn’t like it. went into the back of my cabinet. ran across it again a year or so later and gave it one more chance/taste and still don’t like it: sharp/bitter not smooth at all!!!

  7. Phil Dichiaro

    I would like to know if it is Organic??

  8. Sonja

    I happen to like this EVOO. Though I would not classify it as the best it is pretty good. I see some reviews write of the bitterness or grassiness of the oil. Well that taste is not foreign to olive oils as it depends on the geography of where the olives are grown as well as the types of olives used. I personally prefer olive oils out of Andalusia (I buy my EVOO from Olive Oil Lovers). For me they have more body and are more robust. But I stock up on TJ’s Novella when it comes out as I can use them on a daily basis and keep the others for special occasions.

  9. Paulo

    Great taste!! If you appreciate a good olive oil and a affordable price, this is the one.

  10. Ramona palomares

    Y love this olive oil, its the best

  11. Craig

    Terrific olive oil. The peppery bite as it goes down your throat is the signature mark of a good quality olive oil. It’s supposed to make you cough a little. We always stock up when it come out at TJs.

  12. Joseph Eastwood

    The October 2023 batch of Trader Joes hits the spot
    Great taste, colour etc this could be the best batch Trader Joe has offered

  13. Enrique

    I buy oils from Spain and decided to give this a try. Should have saved my money. It’s like buying a Chevrolet after all you have known all your life is Toyota. I mean this oil should get zero stars.

  14. Fatimah Ayah

    Excellent love the taste, flavor and authenticity.
    Works week with salads, mixing with other oils and great alone for detoxification.recommend it to family and friends.

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