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2 reviews for Novello Italian Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil Reviews

  1. Crys

    Slightly grassy. Somewhat bitter, but not overwhelmingly so. Not peppery at all. Silky mouth feel. Beautiful green-gold color. Cloudy sediment at the bottom (normal and should not be considered a defect). Great for dressings, finishing, and for use in marinades. Also a great option for coating veggies with before throwing in the oven to roast. I’ve had better olive oils (I prefer more peppery notes) but this is a very good olive oil and one I would buy again, for its versatility alone. Folks who like a more mildly flavored olive oil but still want the benefits of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil will be pleased with this option.

  2. Bob McBride

    I love this olive oil. Many olive oils have a slight ‘machine oil’ smell. But this oils has a great fragrance and taste. I use it mostly in salad dressings and for cooking.
    I like it so much I buy 12 bottles so I’ll have it year round.

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