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34 reviews for Trader Joe’s Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil Reviews

  1. Kristina Beard

    Horrible. Tastes like chemicals.

  2. Sally

    I bought this as a Christmas present for my boyfriend (knowing that I’d benefit from it… hehe!). It’s amazing. I don’t know where the other review came from but we’re in love with this stuff. I hope it’s around all year long because we’ll be using this often. <3

  3. Laura Huffman

    I agree. This oil IS amazing. I live a little over an hours drive from the nearest Trader Joes, but I make a run and buy several bottles at a time. I oven roasted cauliflower with this oil…OMG!!

  4. D Redwine

    Love this olive oil! Wish I had bought more than two bottles, the store now says they don’t carry it anymore. The person telling me that, said she didn’t know if discontinued or if will be restocked later in the year. This is a product I would use year round.and hope it shows up again soon! We love it and it does not have any kind of chemical taste to it whatsoever. I want this back in my life please!

  5. Rosella

    Went back to buy more for gifts. Was told it has been discontinued!!
    Love it!!

  6. Dr J

    Absolutely great olive oil. So sad the local TJ
    doesn’t have it anymore.
    This product is great on grilled or roasted vegetables chicken and pork and beef.
    I oven dried Roma tomatoes at 180 degrees after removing seeds and putting this oil on it before roasting. OMG. Everone loves it.

  7. Loveinthemountains

    This olive oil is absolutely amazing – a little goes a long way! I decided to try this back in November and have bought more and more – ummm – – until now….local TJ’s doesn’t have any more. VERY sad as this stuff is magic. Please bring back – please, please, please – PRETTY PLEASE!???!!

    FYI – The other reviewer must have gotten a bad bottle THERE IS *NO* CHEMICAL smell or taste to this smokey, delicious gourmet olive oil.

  8. Anonymous

    This olive oil is really really good! And the price is great! But now, it has all been sold out. I hope they bring it back.

  9. Anonymous

    Bring back the smoked olive oil! Please!

  10. Nina Williams

    AMAZING! In one word. This May, I purchased it in Davis, CA. I went through the entire bottle by the end of June. This was absolutely the best flavor of smoke I have ever had. Please, please, please, restock the shelves. I need it! I wish I had purchased more than one bottle.

  11. jimmymac

    Definitely agree with the top ratings. Yes, please bring this back. I must have it.

  12. Angel

    This was one of my favorite TJs items ever! This smoked olive oil is delicious on salads or pizzas. The smokey flavor is perfect as a finishing ingredient. Please bring back this amazing olive oil!!

  13. dshock

    Yes, yes, yes! Please bring this amazing smoked olive oil back! We drizzled it on pasta and that was all it needed…so incredibly delicious. Am anxious to try it on the veggies others have mentioned.

  14. Terri

    My husband loved this Olive oil. His favorite way to have it was to roast tomatoes in it. I hope TJ’s will bring it back..

  15. Janet

    Like others, we loved this smoked olive oil and used it on many things.. we went to buy more and couldn’t believe that TJ’s says they don’t have it anymore…
    Listen up Trader Joe Management!! Your customers loved this item!!! Please bring it back to us!!

  16. Tricia B.

    This is the bomb! I use ALOT of olive oils (plain, infused, flavored) when I cook and I LOVE the smoked olive oil. So different from anything most people are use to and SO easy to give your favorite foods a different kick. Drizzle it over your favorite hummus and add pine nuts – Yum! I roasted TJ’s Shaved Brussel sprouts & whole cloves of garlic with the smoked oil – Delish!! Hey Hey Management – PLEASE bring this smoked olive oil back. Maybe do some tastings with it to show people how easy/versatile it is to use and how delicious it tastes. OMG…haven’t tried it drizzled over TJ’s Buffalo Mozzarella but I know it’d be great 🙂

  17. Jennifer Abina

    I, like others hate that this oil has been discontinued!! Among other uses, it’s awesome on a salad!!!

  18. Art Modren

    I just found out today that it is discontinued…..sad sad face
    WHY????????? I love it on almost anything! why didn’t they give us warning….so I could have bought a case! Another of my TJ favorites gone…..

  19. wendy

    This olive oil is amazing! Combined with balsamic vinegar or port vinegar and trader joe’s South African Smoked Seasoning, this dipping sauce or dressing is off the charts delicious!

  20. Judith Dimiceli

    So sad to find that the Trader Joe’s Smoked Olive Oil has been discontinued. It was great to toss with root vegetables to roast. Please bring back.

  21. Sandie

    Love this oil! Can’t believe they don’t sell it anymore… Such a unique product that added great flavor to grilled veggies or salad dressing. A little goes a long way for fabulous flavor. Bring this back!

  22. Judy Ackerman

    Delicious flavor! Great on roasted vegetables.
    Please bring this oil back!!!

  23. Sandee

    I agree…….I’ve been sending my husband in and didn’t believe him when he said it was gone. I went straight to mgmt and stood there with my mouth open in shock for 5 minutes!!! I LOVED it on everything!!! Salads, pasta, cheese, chicken, bbq sauce……. I was smokifying everything I ate!! Now I’ll have to hopefully find a replacement online because the closest olive oil specialty store is over an hour away!!!! They show customers how to use all the other products, why didn’t they show them how this should be used? I’ll even volunteer to be the cook for it if you bring it back. You can pay me in oil!!!!!!

  24. Joy

    Please please bring it back! Love it and was planning Christmas list around it.

  25. Masa

    Please Bring it back!! I used it every day…i would go through a bottle in a week! please bring it back!

  26. Loreal

    Please bring this olive oil back!!!!

  27. ALAN

    YES! – Please bring this olive oil back!!!!

  28. Julie Shannon

    How do we get them to bring it back? Doe’s TJ’s have some sort of process for this?

  29. MG

    I am in total agreement please bring it back. It was very tasty and no chemical taste at all.

  30. Jan

    This was soooo good. I used it on everything! I was so sad to learn it was discontinued. I’ve tried other brands and none have such a wonderful smokey flavor as TJ.

  31. C Martin

    Please, please, please bring the smoked olive oil back guys!

  32. Mo

    I absolutely loved this smoked olive oil. I wish I had bought a case had I known it going to be discontinued. I wish they’d bring it back.

  33. Cody Adam

    I’m still trying to find a replacement for this oil and have ended up with nothing but an empty wallet and disappointment. I don’t understand why this absolutely perfectly smoked oil was discontinued in the first place. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

  34. Anonymous

    When are you going to bring it back? Please

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