Meat District Paddy’s Uncured Angus Corned Beef Brisket Reviews

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Fully cooked with no nitrites or nitrates added.

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9 reviews for Meat District Paddy’s Uncured Angus Corned Beef Brisket Reviews

  1. Karen McKeon

    Delicious! Cooked it in the microwave. Flavorful, tender and super easy. Did my potatoes & cabbage on the side.

  2. Janosanfran

    Fantastic! only one problem: way too much coriander seed; I found it distracting. I gave it 5 stars because the meat was perfect. Flavorful and tender; of course, slice it against the grain. We cooked potatoes, carrots, and zucchini in the broth, and it was delicious.

  3. Cc

    Excellent quality and flavorful. Fabulous for Reuben’s!!!

  4. Marcia Manning

    Too much coriander and other seasonings

  5. Joe

    Awful , tasted nothing like corned beef, and way too salty and overpriced. A disappointment at $27.00

  6. Dana Shawa

    Waaay too salty, could not eat it. It’s just drenched in salt. I’ll return the box to Trader Joe’s. They shouldn’t sell a product that is so bad.

  7. Anonymous

    HORRIBLE!! It was completely inedible. Had to throw it out. So disappointed. Didn’t have corned beef for St Patrick’s day today.

  8. S. Kiel

    Disappointed. Had it last year and it was awesome. Bought 3 this year to have some for sandwiches again later. Told all my friends and family to try it this year. It was so tough, inedible and had a funny color. I tried two different boxes, thinking one was bad-Nope! I returned all 3 with no problem. I hope my friends and family did not have a ruined St Patrick’s dinner-mine’s was.

  9. Eemoon

    This year this corned beef was disgusting. It was all fat and salt, barely a decent slice of nest to be found. So disappointing!

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